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Women in a Wireless World Phone Selector

  1. For which uses do you rely on your phone most?
    Talking, talking and more talking
    Text messaging or downloading unique ringers, screensavers and games
    Sharing fun photos with friends and family
    Listening to streaming music when I have to wait at the doctor’s office, on the subway, etc.; or playing cartoons to keep my kids occupied
    Checking email and keeping up with all the appointments on my calendar

  2. What is your dream job?
    Therapist – something low-tech that allows me to connect with others
    Fashion designer or game developer – something that uses my creativity
    TV/movie star or musician
    CEO of a large company or corporation

  3. How are you most likely to spend your free time?
    Talking to friends/family on the phone or in person
    Chatting online, checking out new websites or playing videogames
    Taking photos or putting together scrapbooks
    Keeping up on all the latest music, celebrity gossip or world news
    What free time?

  4. What item do you use most often, other than your wireless phone?
    My address/phone book
    My computer or game console
    My camera, photo collection or scrapbook
    My CD or DVD collection
    My briefcase