Account conversion form for Sprint employee phone program employees

To ensure your service is uninterrupted and that you continue to receive the best value possible, we've set up this simple conversion process for you. Use this website to transition your Employee Wireless Discounts account.

Sprint is committed to continuing to serve your wireless needs. Please review your rate plan options if you haven't already done so. Click here to view and download your rate plan options.

If you are a departing Sprint employee, please convert all lines from Employee Wireless Discounts within 30 days of your termination or separation pay end date (whichever is later). Any lines not converted within this time frame will experience a service interruption as we take steps to convert the lines.

Two easy steps to account conversion

Step 1

Make sure you know how many lines you are currently liable for under the Employee Wireless Discounts and Advantage Club programs, including important information such as subscriber names and payment statuses. To receive a report that details all of the accounts for which you are liable, check your employee summary report.

Accounts listed in the Employee Wireless Discounts and Advantage Club sections are under your name and financial liability.

Accounts listed under the New SWAC section have been converted into the name and liability of the end-user. You do not need to take action on accounts listed under "New SWAC".

Step 2

Once you know how many lines you are currently financially liable for, you can decide how each should be set up going forward.

For lines you want to stay in your name, and under your financial liability, choose Option 1.

For lines you want to transfer to the financial liability of your Advantage Club subscriber(s), choose Option 2.

Decide which Options are best for you, and follow the links.

Option 1

Option 1 - For accounts/lines that will stay in my name

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Use this option for accounts that will stay in your name and under your liability.Use this for your EWD account and any SWAC accounts that you will maintain ownership of.

Option 2

Option 2 - For accounts/lines that will be transferred into the name(s) of my subscriber(s)

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Use this option for lines that you no longer wish to be liable for such as Advantage Club accounts in your name and subscribers on your personal EWD/employee account. These lines will need to be transferred to the name and liability of the new account owner.

If you need help deciding which plan is best for you, or need assistance with the conversion process, please email