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Third Party Certification

1.0 Purpose

The mission of Supplier Diversity is to be an effective conduit for third party certified diverse suppliers. This includes, but is not limited to, identification, introduction, and promotion of third party certified diverse suppliers. The purpose of this policy is to ensure Sprint accurately counts and reports spend and that Supplier Diversity’s efforts are in support of our mission.

2.0 Statement

It is the policy of the Sprint Supplier Diversity Department to introduce and promote diverse suppliers that are third party certified by an approved Sprint Certifying Agency. Diverse suppliers that are not third party certified will not be promoted and advocated by the Supplier Diversity Department.

3.0 Approved Third Party Certifying Agencies

Sprint approves third party Certifying Agencies from Federal, State and Local governments. In addition, Sprint approves and strongly suggests the following Certifying Agencies:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and local affiliates
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • California Public Utility Clearinghouse (CPUC)
  • Association for Service Disabled Veterans (ASDV)
  • Office of Small Business Certification & Resources (OSBCR)

    Third Party Certification Agency Contact List

4.0 Diverse Supplier Promotion Process

Once third party certified suppliers are identified, Supplier Diversity will introduce and promote diverse suppliers to Sprint negotiators and end-users. In addition, during evaluation of the Diversity section in the Sprint Request for Proposal, extra weighting is given to third party certified diverse suppliers.

If a diverse supplier is not third party certified, Sprint’s Supplier Diversity organization will not introduce and promote the supplier to Sprint negotiators and end-users. The non-certified diverse supplier will remain in the Sprint Sourcing Database for sourcing of potential opportunities. The non-certified diverse supplier is not given extra weighting in the Diversity section of the Sprint Request for Proposal.

5.0 Reporting Certified Dollars

Currently, Sprint Supplier Diversity counts and reports self-certified and third party certified spend. By year-end 2003, Supplier Diversity will transition to counting and reporting only third party certified spend.

6.0 Second Tier Direct and Indirect Spend

Sprint Supplier Diversity strongly encourages its Primary Suppliers to report third party certified diverse supplier spend when completing second tier reporting requirements to Sprint. Effective first quarter 2004, all second tier reporting, direct and indirect dollars, by Primary Suppliers must be third party certified diverse suppliers.