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2nd Tier Information

Second Tier Spend is spend reported by primary suppliers of Sprint who have subcontractors working on a Sprint contract. Depending upon the contract, primary suppliers may be requested to submit 2nd Tier information with minority, woman, and disabled-veteran owned companies.

A copy of the suggested reporting format for prime contractors to report 2nd tier information can be found in the RFP template.

Suppliers have two options in reporting 2nd tier dollars depending on the terms of the contract: direct and indirect.

Direct reporting can be done on the form provided in the template. Direct dollars are those dollars directly spent with a diverse supplier in the fulfillment of the Sprint contract.

Indirect dollars are based on a percentage of revenue Sprint represents to the supplier. An example is as follows:

  1. Supplier's Total Revenues: $10,000,000
  2. Revenues from Sprint $: $ 4,000,000
  3. Sprint % of Total Revenues: 40% (#2 divided by #1)
  4. Total MBE Dollars $: $ 150,000
  5. Total WBE Dollars $: $ 150,000
  6. Total Sprint Attributable MBE $: $ 60,000 (#3 multiplied by #4)
  7. Total Sprint Attributable WBE $: $ 60,000 (#3 multiplied by #5)
  8. Total Sprint Attributable MWBE $: $ 120,000 (Sum of #6 and #7)
  9. Sprint % Attributable Revenue: 3% (#8 divided by #2)


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