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Looking Forward


Looking Forward

We continue to be amazed at the pace of change within the wireless industry. Wireless service is part of the lives of nearly every person in the world, connecting billions of people to resources, information, entertainment, friends and family, and transforming industries such as healthcare, education and transportation. Each connection we make and transformation we enable provides an opportunity to create new value. Our goal is to maximize the shared value – the value intersection – for Sprint, our society and the environment.

At Sprint, we have recognized the additional value of corporate responsibility initiatives to improve our business performance by reducing operational costs, increasing revenue and influencing the mix of our shareholders by attracting socially responsible investors who tend to have a longer-term view.

Sharing Our Knowledge and Expertise

Now we see an additional opportunity: working with our suppliers, customers and business partners to help them improve their environmental, social and economic impact through corporate responsibility. This includes shifting our focus from internal to external. We're extending the reach of our efforts past the boundary of our own operating footprint to affect others' footprints, too. We're striving beyond recycling and sustainable design for the devices Sprint sells, to also influence sustainable design for devices sold across the world. And we're working to not only develop new sustainable solutions internally, but also to collaborate with stakeholders to develop and market solutions that benefit the environment and society.

We have also recognized that to many businesses, corporate responsibility is a challenge that requires a team of highly skilled experts and dedicated resources in order to reap the benefits. We see an opportunity to simplify corporate responsibility practices so businesses of all sizes and resource levels can begin to realize the benefits. By becoming an enabler of corporate responsibility adoption, we help develop more sustainable customers, suppliers and partners, expanding and accelerating the benefits for everyone. This is a tall order that will require time and collaboration. There is no clear road map, nor a crystal ball to accurately predict how business and consumer interests will intersect to create new norms. We believe that our corporate responsibility Operating Priorities and Scorecard are a good start, but we have identified some additional objectives that will facilitate this transition over time:

  1. Assess the challenges that our suppliers face in adopting corporate responsibility practices and work with them to develop tools that don't require dedicated resources or experts. This includes helping our suppliers quantify the value of corporate responsibility initiatives and encouraging them to work with their suppliers to further the corporate responsibility ecosystem.
  2. Find ways to measure the positive impacts of corporate responsibility for Sprint, and then work with others to put forward more compelling arguments on the benefits of corporate responsibility adoption within business.
  3. Attempt to increase investment in Sprint by socially responsible investors, and then measure the change (and impact) in our investor mix from a short-term perspective to longer-term.
  4. Develop a formalized model around innovation that incorporates corporate responsibility, including stakeholder engagement in ideation, new types of collaboration, technology acceleration, and new product/service distribution approaches.
  5. Liberally share Sprint's corporate responsibility best practices and lessons learned and encourage others to adopt similar practices that benefit their business. In turn, adopt best practices from others that will benefit Sprint's corporate responsibility practices.

Thank you for being our partner, for your interest in our challenges and opportunities, and for your support as we work to become a stronger company, to expand our contributions to the well-being of our society and our world, and to demonstrate our deeply held conviction that good works.