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Sprint 2012 Year in Review

In 2012, we started communicating our Corporate Responsibility (CR) efforts using a new framework – Sprint Good Works. The idea is simple – doing the right thing is good for our company and for the world as a whole – Good Works. We have chosen to describe our focus areas with the terms People, Product and Planet. Within each of these areas, we have outlined specific operating priorities to which we can best apply our technology, human and financial resources in order to maximize both our corporate benefit (realized through profit) and our impact on society and the environment – a better world.

We shared the results of our efforts through our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report and through the detailed content available on this website. We have recognized there are differing levels of information that our stakeholders are interested in – high level information available in our CR Report and in the landing pages of our website, and also detailed performance details available in our Results Briefs throughout the web site. We hope this approach better meets your needs and expectations.

2012 Highlights

People: Our commitment to people means being an advocate for our communities, customers and employees. In 2012, we joined the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program to support their vital emergency-relief and community-rebuilding efforts. For our customers, we were rated the most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, during the last five years by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. For our employees, our efforts to build an innovative, diverse and rewarding workplace environment continued to receive recognition. Sprint ranked #2 in the top 10 list of "Best Companies to Work for Veterans" and was named to the "50 Happiest Companies in America" list by CareerBliss.

Products: In the area of responsible products, we're proud to offer accessible and senior-friendly ID Packs to better meet the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, and improve the ability for people with visual and cognitive challenges to communicate and access information. Our innovative accessibility solutions were awarded with the Disability Matters Marketplace Award by Springboard Consulting. We also provide solutions that help keep our customers and their families safe and secure. Last year, we launched Sprint Guardian, a family-safety bundle featuring apps such as Sprint Drive First, which helps prevent distracted driving.

Planet: As part of our commitment to our planet, we led the industry in e-waste management best practices by keeping more than 50 million mobile devices out of landfills. We have the most aggressive energy-reduction goals in our industry and are close to reducing our greenhouse-gas emissions goals ahead of schedule through our innovative Network Vision project, which consolidates multiple network platforms into one. We've reduced our device-package volume by 60 percent since 2008. And, we saved 447 tons of paper in just over a year with a unique ecoEnvelope, which allows our customers to receive and remit their payments in the same envelope. Our efforts to improve the environment were recognized again last year by Newsweek, which ranked Sprint #3 among America's Greenest companies.

2012 Challenges

Although we made great progress against our CR performance objectives and priorities during 2012, the year was not without challenges. Sprint’s CR results are particularly striking when you consider them against a backdrop of intense financial pressure and the distractions we encountered in our transactions with Softbank and Clearwire (closed in the middle of 2013). Despite these distractions, Sprint was able to effectively advance its CR efforts and achieve the type of CR results we’ve become known for.

Another challenge we’d like to share is regarding resources. One of the hallmarks of our CR program is efficiency. We maintain a very small centralized team, rarely rely on external consulting resources, do all of our own reporting, and cannot afford high cost partnerships or marketing programs. We select projects based on their materiality and resource requirements. This ensures we use our resources wisely and maximize our impact on issues that matter.  We greatly value the wisdom and innovation we experience through our valued stakeholder relationships and recognize that we could not achieve what we do without their help. So, thank you for your interest in and continued support of our CR journey.

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