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Employee Engagement Programs

Sprint has a variety of programs specifically designed to further engage our employees and help them see the direct linkage between their personal contributions and Sprint's success. We cannot achieve our financial, environmental or social goals without our employees. Check out some highlights of our efforts to engage our employees to help meet our corporate goals around customer experience, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement.

Customer Experience

We create an environment where our employees recognize how their work contributes to a positive customer experience. While many Sprint associates interact with customers every day, some do not have opportunities to directly assist customers or "sell" Sprint. Recognizing that employees are great advocates, Sprint began engaging employees — even those outside of traditional customer-facing roles — in the customer experience through "ambassador" programs. These programs encourage employees to be involved in generating a positive customer experience and driving new business, ultimately increasing employee commitment and engagement. Some of the ambassador programs include:

  • Employees Helping Customers: A resource that provides Sprint employees with an opportunity to be an instant advocate for Sprint customers they meet outside of their normal work functions. These customers may be family, friends or acquaintances that have a handset, billing or technical issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Employees Thanking Customers: Thank you Thursdays provide employees the opportunity to connect with customers through letter-writing campaigns. Employees hand write personal thank you notes to loyal customers. While the program was started in 2011, Sprint expanded the program significantly for 2012. This year, our goal was to write thank you notes to 500,000 customers. We surpassed that goal in August and our employees are still writing thank you notes.
  • Employees Getting Customers: A reward and recognition program that recognizes employees who refer new customers to Sprint. Employees Getting Customers encourages employees to talk to potential customers, friends and even strangers about Sprint products and services and encourage them to become a customer via one of our referral programs - Everything Plus Referral Program and Grow Sprint. The Everything Plus Referral Program allows Sprint employees to offer exclusive savings to anyone they know or meet. Grow Sprint is available for Sprint employees to submit viable business leads and promote our products and services to potential business customers.
  • Social Media Ninjas: Sprint's Social Media Ninjas team is made up of Sprint employees working to improve Sprint's reputation by acting as ambassadors, promoting products and services, and assisting customers through social media. The idea is to bring together like-minded employees who are passionate about the company, want to help customers and are active in social media. On these sites, Ninjas post content and interact with others who are asking questions or discussing Sprint products and services. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Digg are examples of some social media sites our Ninjas are active on. The program is open to all employees.

In addition to the ambassador programs, the Sprint Elevator Speeches equip employees with the answers to everyday questions to help them sell Sprint. So, whether they're in the grocery store, at a party, or -- yes -- even in an elevator, employees are prepared to answer questions and talk about Sprint. Our CEO even gives out an Elevator Speech Award at every Quarterly Employee Meeting to the most deserving employees who "sell" Sprint in the spirit of the Sprint Elevator Speeches and, by so doing, generate results for the company.

Sustainability engagement with Sprint employees

Sprint's success and reputation in the area of environmental stewardship would not have been possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of Sprint employees across the country. Sprint works to strengthen this level of commitment by offering programs and resources that help employees become better stewards both while on the job and at home. We recognize the impact our commitment to sustainability has on our employee base in terms of their personal connection to Sprint and their job satisfaction. The more we can do to enhance their personal commitment, the more successful our corporation will be as a whole. These efforts have been ongoing for many years and received significant attention in 2011 and 2012.

Recent sustainability-focused employee-engagement programs have included:

  • In late 2011 and early 2012, we overhauled our green intranet site to make it more accessible and interactive and incorporate a broader range of our green efforts. It is now our one-stop shop for "green" employee news and knowledge.
  • Launched on Earth Day 2012, a fun animated video encouraged employees to learn more about and become better engaged with Sprint's green commitment. The video was promoted in conjunction with a quiz and opinion survey as part of an employee contest.
  • Sprint's annual Earth Day celebrations continue to be popular employee events.

In this section of the website, you'll learn about our employee-engagement initiatives that focus on sustainability.

Our Green Story – Video Training

Sprint became interested in developing a fun, interactive employee-education video regarding sustainability in 2011. After exploring available public options, Sprint decided to create its own video and after four months, a cross-functional work group and video-development team created a short graphical video that employees could view to learn more about our green commitment.

Launched as part of our Earth Day 2012 Contest for employees, the video featured a young girl who wanted to make a positive impact on the planet and grows up to go to work for Sprint – where she does just that! For the contest, the video was matched with a short quiz (to test what employees had learned from the video) and an anonymous opinion survey (so employees could share their own thoughts on Sprint's sustainability mission). Employees were awarded participation prizes via random drawing, including green devices and a personal carbon offset valued at $250.

In total, more than 5,600 employees took part in the Earth Day 2012 Contest. We were very happy with the information gathered. From the opinion survey, we found that approximately 92 percent of employees considered Sprint very committed to environmental stewardship and that 85 percent would like to see us do even more in this area. We are well on our way to making that wish a reality! Sprint also received many suggestions for how to make employees' workplaces even greener.

The video and quiz remain available for employees. And though this specific opinion survey has now closed, we continue to offer employees outlets for sharing feedback.

Green Leadership intranet site

At Sprint, our commitment to sustainability can be seen across virtually all business units with particular focuses on our Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Health & Safety, IT, Marketing and Network groups. Because of this vast scope, we knew it could be difficult for employees to narrow down the correct contacts and processes for certain green-focused activities, like recycling or working remotely. We decided to change this by consolidating many disparate internal intranet sites into one holistic page that could act as "traffic cop" by providing the latest green internal news and directing employees where they need to go.

In early 2010, the revamped Green Leadership site debuted. The new site consolidates green news and videos, tips for talking to customers about Sprint's commitment to sustainability, tips for being green at work and at home, and our ever-popular 5 Green Things.

5 Green Things

In April 2009, Sprint launched an employee environmental-awareness campaign that outlines five fundamental steps Sprint employees can take to begin to reduce their environmental impact at work, and to ultimately help the company achieve its environmental goals. The program encourages employees to: manage energy usage; minimize trash; commute smarter; print less; and recycle electronics. Examples of green ideas provided to employees include:

  • Manage your power to reduce electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG): get rid of unnecessary electrical devices, put everything on a power strip , turn off your lights and your power strip at night and when you leave for a few hours, t urn off conference-room lights when you leave the room, and turn off lights others leave on by accident.
  • Minimize your trash to reduce Sprint's operational waste to landfill: recycle your office paper; recycle everything else you can -- plastic, aluminum, batteries, cardboard, newspapers, mail; bring your own hand towel to the office (skip the paper towels altogether); dine smart -- bring your own lunch in reusable containers, keep a personal set of utensils at work, avoid take-out food and bring your own containers for leftovers; drink smart -- keep a mug and/or refillable water bottle at work.
  • Be a smart commuter and reduce Sprint's Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions associated with employee commuting as well as your personal greenhouse gas emissions: walk or bicycle whenever you can, check out public-transit options, find someone to carpool with, get a more fuel-efficient or alternate-fuel vehicle, follow these guidelines when travelling on business, and see if you'd be a good candidate for Sprint's Telecommuting or Mobile Workforce Program.
  • Print less to reduce Sprint's paper use; think before you print -- do you really need a hard copy? print smart if you do print -- two-sided and two pages per side you can; go digital and learn some new tricks -- webfax, Sprint PDF printer, LiveMeeting, scan-to-e-mail, etc.; host paper-free meetings and ask people not to bring printed materials; challenge yourself to see how many print free days you can have in a month.
  • Recycle your electronics to ensure Sprint achieves its zero e-waste goal: recycle unused equipment at your workspace using the e-waste collection bins in the break rooms; recycle unwanted wireless phones, data cards, batteries and accessories through the Sprint Buy Back or Sprint Project Connect programs; recycle spent batteries following Sprint guidelines; and use defined Sprint e-waste policies and procedures when decommissioning IT or Network hardware.

From an employee standpoint, these five actions remain every bit as important today as they were in 2009. The 5 Green Things are proudly and prominently displayed at the top of Sprint's new Green Leadership page for employees.

Sprint Smart Commute

In December 2010, Sprint launched a national alternative-transportation program, Sprint Smart Commute, which provides employees with ways to "green up" their work commutes by reducing pollution and traffic congestion during their work-related commutes. Sprint Smart Commute options include local mass-transit schedules, information on telecommuting, opportunities to meet nearby employees interested in carpooling to work, and other tips for employees wanting to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from commuting to work. Here are some of the most popular features of the site:

  • Carpooling: Smart Commute's "GreenRide" software lets employees connect with potential carpool partners who live and work in their same areas. Employees register on the site, and follow the on-screen prompts to enter their commute schedule and look for other interested Sprint associates with similar commutes. Through carpooling, employees save both money and carbon emissions.
  • Mass-transit solutions: Sprint Smart Commute also includes information on the mass-transit options available in many metro areas across the country; we have more than 50 metro areas in the system and add more regularly. Choosing public transportation helps the environment by sharing resources with the employees' community, which cuts down on pollution.
  • Bicycling to work: Sprint Smart Commute offers resources to encourage employees to bicycle to work. Sprint was recognized by The League of American Bicyclists for its bicycle-friendly business practices in September 2010. Bicycling to work reduces greenhouse gas emissions and also has direct benefits for employees' health and fitness.  

The Sprint Smart Commute program also asks employees to report their GHG commuting impacts, allowing Sprint to aggregate this information for its annual GHG reporting.


Originally launched in 2004, i-Digitize is a company-wide initiative designed to expand awareness and utilization of existing tools and technology that can help us save money, decrease Sprint's environmental footprint, increase productivity and add flexibility to the way we work. Through the program, employees can learn how to electronically submit expense reports, digitally mark-up documents, scan and e-mail from multi-function devices, fax to e-mail for inbound faxes, and use software to send outbound faxes electronically. We've also reduced the number of output devices (including desktop printers), eliminated banner pages on all print devices and switched printers to default to two-sided printing.

Earth Day Celebration

Sprint hosts annual Earth Day celebrations at major employee sites. The Overland Park, Kan., campus, which houses the largest population of Sprint employees, holds the largest celebration and typically hosts more than 50 exhibitors, both internal and external, includes more than 50 Sprint volunteers, features an executive guest speaker talking about Sprint's environmental priorities and progress and offers food, games and live entertainment. The Earth Day festivities are very popular with employees, typically drawing large crowds. In 2012, the Overland Park Campus Earth Day celebration attracted its largest crowd ever with an estimated 3,000 attendees.

Other Programs

In addition to the larger programs mentioned above, Sprint also offers these employee programs:

  • Participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored "Change-a-Light" for Energy Conservation
  • Participation in the World Wildlife Fund-sponsored "Earth Hour" for climate change awareness
  • A "green walking tour" where walkers can learn about the many sustainability features of the Overland Park Campus
  • Personal-paper shredding days
  • Employee personal e-waste collection drives
  • A Community Supported Agriculture program where employees can receive locally sourced food products at a reasonable price
  • "Green" parking for employees who carpool or drive a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle

Diversity and Inclusion

Sprint offers six Employee Resources Groups (ERGs), each focused on a specific cultural group - African Americans, Asians, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender, Hispanic, Women and Veterans. ERGsare open to all Sprint employees, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or past or present military service. These groups provide their members with many professional-development opportunities and also support philanthropic and customer outreach to the cultural groups they represent. From a work/life-balance perspective, Employee Resource Groups provide Sprint employees with many opportunities for cultural enrichment, including free celebrations around events like Asian Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo, Gay Pride Month, Juneteenth, Women's History Month, Veteran's Day and more. Please click here to learn more about Sprint’s ERGs.

Community Engagement

Sprint and our employees find a sense of meaning and purpose through helping the communities where our employees and customers live and work. Sprint offers rich community-involvement programs for our employees including a volunteer program, national campaign to support the United Way, and a national campaign to support food banks across the United States. The Sprint Foundation provides additional community engagement and support for Sprint employees through its Matching Gift program and Dollars for Doers Program. Each of these programs serves to more deeply engage our employees with Sprint and the communities we serve.