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Employee Relations

Sprint offers a cooperative, inclusive workplace environment, where employees can address issues and concerns in a constructive manner without fear of reprisal. Sprint is proud to provide competitive compensation and benefits and continually works to support and improve employee satisfaction through various work/life benefit programs and manager-quality initiatives.

The Sprint Employee Code of Conduct details Sprint's non-discrimination policy and means for successful, constructive conflict resolution. Sprint employees also have fast and easy online access to company policies, procedures and philosophies that apply to the employees' relationship with Sprint; along with this information, employees can find Web links to additional information and resources.

The oversight of Sprint's employee relations programs is the responsibility of Sprint's Human Resource Department, while implementation of the programs is the responsibility of all employees. These programs support the Sprint Imperatives, encouraging employees to empower themselves to manage job-related relationships and situations. Building positive employee/manager relationship is good for our employees, our business and our customers.

In this section, you will learn about Sprint's labor-and management-relations practices as they relate to: