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Eco-conscious Consumer Solutions

One of the benefits of being a communications solutions provider is that Sprint is part of an incredible societal shift toward smart mobility. Through wireless devices, our customers are able to significantly enhance their productivity as well as reduce their environmental impact. Sprint customers use their wireless devices day-in and day-out to communicate remotely with their friends and family, send pictures, do on-line banking, purchase items remotely, find the fastest route to the doctor’s office, and even find out where they can recycle their glass bottles. Sprint’s wireless devices can replace alarm clocks, calculators, calendars, notes pads, voice recorders, cameras and more. In the sustainability circle, this is called dematerialization where you’re able to eliminate material goods with virtual ones. Sprint hopes to help customers realize the environmental opportunities their devices offer and intends to provide specific solutions to enable a greener lifestyle.

Green ID Pack

Sprint announced a new eco-themed mobile solution for select Sprint Android devices in April 2011 - the Green ID pack. The Green ID pack, exclusively from Sprint, provides a variety of apps, widgets and mobile content to help people live more sustainably. With mobile content from eco-friendly favorites like,, Green America and the National Audubon Society, the Green ID pack automatically loads apps, widgets and shortcuts tailor-made for users who want to live a more environmentally sustainable life and help others to do the same.

The pack provides access to the following content on four screens, each with its own theme:

  • Green Now: The home screen for the ID pack provides the latest in green news from, and and direct access to video shorts from TreeHugger TV.’s iRecycle app also makes it easy to locate recycling drop-off sites anywhere across the country, for materials ranging from computers and compact fluorescent bulbs to paper and paint. Users can search by ZIP code or GPS.
  • Live Green: The “Live Green” screen includes a widget that delivers weekly tips from Green America right to the customer’s device, a link to Saasmob’s Green You app - a personal carbon footprint calculator - and shortcuts to green ideas for nearly every aspect of one's life from TreeHugger's “How to Go Green” index.
  • Shop Green: Buy sustainably and save money with the “Shop Green” screen. It includes a widget from - an eco-friendly shopping resource that offers daily discounts on green goods and services. Users can also link to eBay Green to shop a wide selection of sustainable home products, eco fashion, green gadgets and more. Choose a boutique experience with, which offers handcrafted items made from natural, sustainable, recycled and/or repurposed materials, from a team of Etsy sellers. Apps on the screen include Seasonal Harvest Lite, which shares what locally grown produce is in season, recipes and directions to nearby farmers markets, and the Light Bulb Finder, which makes it easy to switch from conventional light bulbs to energy-saving equivalents that help to lower consumers’ electricity bills.
  • Take Action: Volunteer time and resources. The "Take Action" screen makes it easy to access worthy causes, including the National Audubon Society, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Green Education Foundation.

Sprint worked with both Treehugger from Discovery Communications and iRecycle from Earth911 to make their applications available to Android users for the first time through Sprint's Green ID pack. The TreeHugger app offers access to green news, solutions and product information. Users can read the latest articles, check out TreeHugger's tweets, and share content via email, Facebook or Twitter.’s iRecycle app provides access to more than 800,000 recycling and disposal resources for more than 240 materials. It also streams the latest articles covering the trends and ideas in product stewardship and recycling that matter most, in both the application and an on-screen content widget. In addition to their inclusion the Green ID pack, each app is being released into Android Market™ today. Both are available to download for free by anyone with an Android device.

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One of the simplest environmentally responsible solutions Sprint offers its customers is eBilling. Sprint eBill Online Billing eliminates customers’ paper bills and thus helps the environment and provides convenient access to customer invoices. Click here to learn more.

Millions of Sprint customers have already selected this option and avoided the use of an estimated 2 million pounds of paper and 27 million pounds of greenhouse gases ¹ ².
¹Source: Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator
²Source: PayItGreen Calculator

Green Applications

Both the Samsung Reclaim and Restore come preloaded with Sprint’s Green One Click Tile. This provides our customers with direct access to great green information. Specific content includes content from Discovery and Treehugger on fashion and beauty, culture and celebrity, cars and transportation, and green jobs.

The LG Remarq comes with a built-in eco-calculator that allows our customers to calculate C02 reduction savings by walking or cycling as opposed to driving their car. The reduction is calculated in pounds of C02 or trees planted.

The Samsung Replenish includes an option to load the Sprint Green ID pack with direct access to environmentally themed applications, widgets and mobile content to help people live more sustainably.

Many phones have the ability to notify the user either by a message or LED light once the phone has fully charged. The user can then unplug the phone so it does not continue to drain energy from the outlet. Smartphones also have service management capabilities within the Settings application that allow users to disable services that are either running in the background or have not closed properly to conserve battery life.