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Corporate Responsibility

At Sprint, we call our corporate responsibility program Sprint Good Works℠. This name is based on our belief that doing good creates good – both for our business and for society.

Every day, the people of Sprint exemplify good works through a deep commitment to people, our product, and our planet. Our commitment to people means fostering an innovative, rewarding, diverse, and ethical workplace, giving our customers our very best, and championing our communities. Our commitment to product means promoting positive social and environmental change through technology. Our commitment to the planet means we ensure responsible environmental stewardship in everything we do.

Guided by these values, the work we do has the power to bring people and resources together, elevate living standards, care for our environment, open doors to new worlds, and lift the human spirit.

We are united by the principle that acting on these values is right, and it's good business. At Sprint, good works are not only what we do; it's also what we believe: that good does indeed work℠.

"Power and Responsibility to Do the Right Thing"