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Find out the status of your order by entering the order number listed in your confirmation email. Your status is available 24 hours after placing your order.

XX-XXXX-1234567 (include all dashes).) or
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If you placed your order in a store, you will not be able to track it here unless your confirmation number begins with or-pdpm. The store will call you when your order is ready to pick up.

Questions about your order? Let's chat. The "Chat" option is available 24/7, so just look for the Chat icon whenever you need assistance. If the Chat option is unavailable due to high chat volume, please try again later. Rest assured our reps are working quickly to assist all customers in the queue. We look forward to chatting with you.

Shipping estimates

The dates provided are estimates and may change based on inventory availability. If you provided an email address along with your order, you will receive an email update when dates change.

Device Shipping estimates
Most phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices Delivers in 1-2 business days
HTC U11 - Brilliant Black Ships by 6/8
HTC U11 - Sapphire Blue Ships by 6/8

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