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PDA Devices

The access you need, where you need it most
Integrating advanced multimedia services and unparalleled voice clarity into full-featured Palm PoweredTM and Windows MobileTM PDAs, these devices enable in-office levels of productivity virtually wherever business takes you. The technology behind the power? PCS VisionSM, and a complete selection of the latest Palm and Pocket PC applications, available from Sprint and Handango™.

To contact a Sprint representative call 1-888-703-9514 or contact sales online.

Vision-enabled Sprint PCS Phone (palmOneTM TreoTM 600)


Power + productivity + style
Palm 5 OS-based, embedded camera, QWERTY keyboard

Vision-enabled Sprint PCS Phone (Samsung® i500)


Where size meets substance
Palm OS-based, clamshell design, 4.5 oz

Vision-enabled Sprint PCS Phone (palmOneTM TreoTM 300)


PC power in the palm of your hand
Palm OS-based, backlit QWERTY keyboard, clear flip lid

Vision-enabled Sprint PCS Phone (Hitachi® G1000)


If it were any more powerful, you'd need a permit
Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition-based, embedded camera, QWERTY keyboard

Vision-enabled Sprint PCS Phone (Toshiba® 2032SP)


Leave your laptop at home
Pocket PC-based, Microsoft Office compatibility, SD expansion slot

Accessories for your Sprint PCS Phone
To purchase accessories, dial #222 TALK from your Sprint PCS Phone, call us toll-free at 800 974-2221 or visit us at www.sprintpcsaccessories.com. Overnight shipping available.