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Unbundled Dark Fiber Loop and Transport

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Unbundled Dark Fiber Loop and Transport (UDF) from Sprint is fiber optic cable currently in the Sprint network that is not connected to the electronic equipment that "lights" it. Available only in select areas, UDF can provide an exceptionally timely response to an immediate market need. To find out if UDF is available for your needs, contact your Sprint Representative for a Dark Fiber Application (DFA) form.

Sprint has years of experience providing solutions for telecommunications. The Sprint fiber network is one of the largest available of any local service provider, providing stability and reliability.

With UDF from Sprint, you may:

  • Reduce expenditures by reducing design and build-out of facilities.
  • Save time and increase potential revenue by getting to market quickly.
  • Enhance your end-user customers' perception of service, thanks to quick provisioning.

Features & Benefits

Immediate Availability - means you can utilize the existing fiber optic network and save the added expense of installing new fiber. Plus, this offers more alternatives, whether you are selling to end users or building your own local area network (LAN).

Quick provisioning - saves you the time of designing and installing new fiber, reducing immediate investment and increasing potential revenue. UDF is available fiber between two points on a spare route requested by you. This means it is not included in internal reserve and not planned to be used within the current or next budget cycle.

Product Details

A fiber patch panel must be present before provisioning. You will be notified within 10 days if UDF is not available. Collocation, if needed, will follow the normal collocation provisioning timelines.

UDF can be provided from:

  • Office-to-Office where Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) has a Point-of-Interface (POI) in each office. Fiber patch cords will connect a Sprint fiber Patch Panel to the CLEC FPP in each office.
  • Office-to-Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) as a loop. Connections will be to CLEC FPP in the Office and at the DLC where CLEC has POI at the office and at the DLC.
  • Office-to-CLEC Customer premises FPP.
  • DLC-to-CLEC Customer premises FPP.

Sprint can also provide fiber cable from a Sprint access point to CLEC facilities, at an additional charge determined on an individual case basis (ICB). Splicing charges if any, would also apply. See your local Sprint Representative to submit an ICB request.

Here is how it works:

Dark Fiber - Interoffice Transport Configuration

Dark Fiber - Loop/Subloop Configuration

Dark Fiber - Host/Remote Link Configuration

Business Applications

  • Delivers optical carrier fiber so you can provision new end-user customers or complete an optical network.
  • Eliminates the need to procure new fiber, saving the time and added expense of installation.
  • Provides quick and flexible provisioning, helping speed time to market and increase business opportunities.

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