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Account Management Tools & Usage Alerts

Sprint currently offers a number of tools and ways to assist customers with the management of their wireless account including:

Payment alerts

  • Sprint provides customers signed up on AutoPay text alerts 10 days prior to charging the credit card on file for monthly charges. 
  • Sprint provides customers not currently enrolled in AutoPay or Advance Pay payment reminder text alerts 3 days prior and 1 day prior to when their payment is due.
  • Sprint provides customers a "new month begins" text alert when a successful payment is taken from their payment method on file.

Low minute alerts:

  • Sprint provides customers on the Sprint Prepaid Basic phone plan with a low minute text alert, which occurs when the account contains 15 anytime minutes or less.

Data throttling alerts on Unlimited Data Plans only (plans activated prior to 9/12/14):

  • Sprint provides a warning message to customers on unlimited data plans after they use 85% of their 2.5GB data. When they use 2.5GB of usage, their data speed will be reduced until their new month begins.
  • Sprint provides an alert when customer's data usage exceeds 2.5GB. Their data speed is reduced until their new month begins.


  • Sprint customers can access and manage their accounts 24/7 by logging on to Customers can access this site on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer to easily view any alerts or notifications involving their account. Customers can also obtain detailed usage information (e.g. casual data usage) as well as payment history.