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Switch to Sprint It Works for Me

2 for 1 Samsung Galaxy S8s works for me. And my twin

– Topher & Rosenberg

A conservative price works for me.

- Uncle Phil

A liberal amount
of data works for me.

- Brent

Don’t let a 1% difference
in network reliability cost you
50% more.

– Paul, former Verizon customer

Unlimited. Starting at $50/line per month

Learn more about Unlimited

A 1% difference in network reliability

Learn more about our network

2 for 1 Galaxy S8s with Sprint Lease

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Unlimited political debate works for me.

- Brent & Uncle Phil

Get Unlimited starting at one line for $50 per month,
and you'll never have to log off and
lose an argument again.

Brent & Uncle Phil
See how Unlimited works for them

A great deal on the best Galaxy
in the galaxy works for me.

– Topher and Rosenberg

The super-fast autofocus on Topher's new Samsung
Galaxy S8 means even better (and even more) photos
of him and his twin, Rosenberg.

Switching and not noticing
a difference in my network
works for me.

– Paul, former Verizon customer

Our network reliability is within 1% of Verizon's,
but they charge 50% more. Sometimes, you can get
more than what you pay for.