More reliable than ever.

You already know the Sprint network is now more reliable than ever. Now, we're on a mission to prove to everyone that it's the fastest.

More reliable than ever.

It's true, America. You really can have a more reliable network. We're on a mission to prove it's the fastest, and we'll show you just how easy it is to get it.

So check the facts and make a choice.

Our LTE network is faster.

The Sprint Network delivers faster download speeds than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, based on analysis of recent data from the world's foremost authority on independent measurement.

Whether it's an HD movie, brand new album, work presentation or your favorite video game, you'll download it faster on Sprint’s LTE Plus Network.

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Look what else you'll get when you switch:

  • Save 50% on most Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile rates.
  • Upgrade to a new iPhone or Galaxy S after 12 payments.
  • Take us for a 30-day test drive.
  • Get up to $650 to cover your costs to switch.
  • Have your phone personally delivered and set up.*

Is a more reliable network for less money a fit for you?

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*Direct 2 You available in select markets. Switching costs via an American Express® Reward Card (less trade-in value provided) after online registration and new phone activation.

It pays to be a Sprint customer.

  • Upgrade to a new iPhone or Galaxy S after 12 payments.
  • Refer your friends and get up to $500/year.
  • Have your phone personally delivered and set up.*

*Direct2You available in select markets.

Industry experts agree.

"Sprint is making an aggressive new offer and has made progress with its network."

"In 2015, Sprint jumped into action as the most-improved carrier."

"If you're not a Sprint customer, you could save some serious money on your cell phone bill if you switch."

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