Torque - Survives the extremes... and the every day.

Accidents happen in the backwoods. But for thousands of phones, accidents also happen in the backyard. Burial in the sandbox. Death by dog drool. Drops in the bathtub. These are the reasons you need Torque. It's a 4G Android™ smartphone that's extreme enough to help you survive the challenges of everyday life.

Kyocera Torque

Torque - Survives the extremes... and the every day

May require up to a $36 activation fee/line, credit approval & deposit. Up to $350/line early termination fee (ETF) for advanced devices including iPhone & up to $200 ETF/line for other devices (no ETF for Agreements cancelled in compliance with Sprint's Return Policy). Everything Data Plan: Includes 450 Anytime Min./mo for individual plan. Includes 1500 shared Anytime Min./mo for family plan (2 lines). Add'l Anytime Min.: Up to $0.45/min. Nights: Mon-Thurs. 7pm-7am; Wknds: Fri. 7pm - Mon. 7am. Partial min. charged as full min. Includes $10 Premium Data add-on for smartphones (no discounts apply). Any Mobile, Anytime (calling to any U.S. mobile): Applies when directly dialing/receiving standard voice calls between domestic wireless numbers as determined when the call is placed using independent third-party and Sprint databases. Standard off-network roaming rates/restrictions apply. Excludes calls to voicemail, 411 and other indirect methods. Messaging: Includes text, picture and video for domestic messages sent or received. International messages sent or received from the U.S. are $0.20/message, from outside the U.S. $0.50/message. Data: Premium content/downloads (games, ringers, songs, certain channels, etc.) are additional charges. Texts to third parties to participate in promotions or other may result in add'l charges. International services are not included. Email includes select e-mail apps. Sprint Mobile Hotspot (MHS): Optional $19.99 or $49.99 add-on to allow your tablet or compatible phone to provide data usage for other Wi-Fi enabled devices. No discounts apply. Connectivity dependent upon compatibility and speeds may vary. Includes either 2GB or 6GB of on-network data usage with additional data charges of $0.05/MB. 100 MB or 300 MB off-network data limit is combination of tablet/phone and hotspot usage. Additional off-network data charges for tablets is $0.25/MB. When MHS is 'on', all data usage (phone and hotspot) counts against your MHS data allowance and you may incur additional data charges. Turn off mobile hotspot when not connected to other devices.Voice/Data Usage Limitation: Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network roaming usage in a month exceeds (1) voice: 800 minutes. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 300 MBs or a majority of KBs. Prohibited network use rules apply. As advertised and notwithstanding those restrictions, engaging in such uses will not result in throttling (limiting data throughput speeds) for customers on unlimited-data- included plans for phones, but could result in other adverse action. See for specific prohibited uses..Other terms: Coverage not available everywhere. Nationwide Sprint Network reaches over 280 million people. Sprint 3G network reaches over 276 million people. Sprint 4G (WiMax) network reaches over 70 markets. Offers not available in all markets/retail locations or for all phones/networks. Pricing, offer terms, fees & features may vary for existing customers. Other restrictions apply.