How to manage your Sprint account online

The videos on this page will have you handling your Sprint account in minutes. Whether you're registering for the first time or activating your new phone, see how to do it all online.

Sign up

We updated our registration process, which lets you sign up to manage your account online.

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Check your usage

Check how many minutes you have used since your last bill.

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View your bill

View and print your current Sprint bill, as well as bills from previous months, and check your minutes and data used.

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Pay your bill

Take advantage of this fast, secure and convenient way to pay your Sprint bill.

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AutoPay with bank draft or credit/debit card

Whether you set up to transfer from your bank account or use your credit or debit card once a month, set up an easy and automatic way to pay your bill.

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Activate a new phone

Swap your phone online. Sign on and activate a new phone for your account.

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Register and Manage your Community Profile

Meet other mobile phone users and share helpful advice in the Community. Here are some easy steps to register and manage your community profile.

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Change your add-ons

Manage your add-on services, like messaging and data.

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Get device support

Learn about your phone's features, review rate plans and billing information.

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Enroll in eBill

Go paperless. Sign up to be notified when your eBill is ready.

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Ask or Answer a Question in the Community Forum

Meet other mobile phone users and share helpful advice in the Community.

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Community - Ratings & Reviews

Looking for a new phone? Check out our ratings and reviews from other customers and how CNET users also rate the device. Or you can share your opinion and rate a phone that you've used.

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