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Sprint family cell phone plans

  • Enjoy unlimited mobile optimized streaming videos, gaming and music. And, unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else.
  • Hurry, this is a limited-time offer!

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Family shared data plans
Sprint Better Choice Plans
6 GB
12 GB
24 GB
40 GB

Share data and never worry about overage charges.

Now the family that shares data together can stay together on one convenient family cell phone plan. Get unlimited talk and text for everyone while on the Sprint network. Simply choose the amount of shared high-speed data and the number of lines needed for your family mobile plan. It’s that easy. Our family cell phone plans are better than ever, so we call them Sprint Better Choice plans.

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Don't worry about overage charges

If you reach the monthly allotment of high-speed data, you get unlimited data at 2G speeds until your next billing period starts. Or, you can add extra high-speed data to share for $15 per GB to tide you over.

Connect with the network

A monthly access charge for each phone line covers your devices' connection to the Sprint network.

Access charge non-discounted handsets
Access charge MBB/Tablets
Access charge discounted handsets

Prices shown with AutoPay. To receive $5/mo/line discount you must remain enrolled in AutoPay. Applied within 2 invoices. Other monthly charges apply.**

Get the perfect phones with the perfect family mobile plan

Start by shopping for phones and adding the right plan for your family.

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