How to manage your Sprint business account online

View the videos on this page to quickly and easily start handling your Sprint business account. Whether you're registering for the first time or activating a new phone, see how to do it all online.


Sign up with a user name and password to manage your account online.

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Get answers to your questions fast via secure chat with a representative.

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Add Accounts and Manage Users

Add account to an existing profile or manage authorized users on your account.

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Check your usage

See how many minutes or how much data you have used.

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Activate a new phone

Swap your phone online. Sign on and activate a new phone for your account.

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Change your add-ons

Manage your add-on services, like messaging, data or Sprint Family Locator.

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View billing tools

Take advantage of our business billing tools to view billing history and analysis and create graphs.

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Change your rate plan (EAM)

Use Enhanced Account Management (EAM) to change your rate plan.

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View your bill

Sign in to view and print your current or previous Sprint bills.

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Change your rate plan (MSB)

Use My Sprint Business (MSB) to change your rate plan.

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Bill delivery options

Set up eBill, change your bill language or billing address

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Change a service or feature (MSB)

Use My Sprint Business (MSB) to change a service or feature.

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Pay your bill

Pay your Sprint bill quickly, securely and conveniently.

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Account management tools

Control such features as phone labels, wireless Web, Sprint Mobile Locator, and GPS consent and privacy.

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Get device support

Learn about your phone's features, review rate plans and billing information.

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Get started now!

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