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Information for customers who are blind or visually impaired

Sprint© Vision is committed to working with phone manufacturers and the blind and visually impaired community to deliver user-friendly, accessible wireless devices and service to our customers with vision loss.

Over the years, phones have become increasingly accessible as text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities have improved. TTS is particularly important because the user interaction with mobile phones is often dependent on information displayed on the phone's screen.

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Sprint recommends the following smartphones and list of key features for our visually-impaired customers:

Apple iPhone

Apple products, including the iPhone, offer built-in accessibility features that are simple, intuitive and easy to use. If you are blind or have low vision, you can use features such as VoiceOver, an advanced screen reader, and Zoom to get the most from your iOS device. And Siri and Dictation help you type, launch apps, and read your calendar. Learn more about iPhone accessibility.

Android-based Phones

The Android platform includes a built in text-to-speech engine and a screen reader to enable phone manufacturers deliver accessible smartphones. Android phones can also be highly customized by downloading third-party accessibility applications that make nearly every function possible without sight, including phone calls, text messaging, email, web browsing, and more. Additional resources at Android Accessibility Features and Help.

Accessible Now

Sprint has developed a startup wizard to improve accessibility "out-of-the-box" for LG smartphone devices. In addition to pre-loading Google TalkBack on select LG devices, Sprint has ensured that blind and low vision users obtain immediate voice guidance when a new LG device is first powered up. Sprint Vision assists with device set-up and activation, making these devices infinitely more accessible for blind and low vision consumers.

Easy Modes

  • Samsung smartphones support two "Home screen" modes: Standard Mode and Easy Mode.
  • Easy Mode configures your Home screen to provide an easier experience for low vision users with a simpler layout and larger fonts.
  • Standard Mode configures your Home screen with all of the conventional functions designed by Samsung.

LG has a similar mode called "Easy Home" available on select LG devices.

Basic phone:

Kyocera Verve - an easy-to-use feature phone

Kyocera Verve is a compact, easy-to-use feature phone with a slide-out QWERTY keypad for those who like to keep things simple. Utilize the slide-out QWERTY keyboard to send texts or updating your Facebook profile in a second. Verve is perfect for those customers that want to stay in touch but don't want the high cost of smartphone data plans.

horizontal view of the Kyocera Verve with keyboard openvertical view of the Kyocera Verve

Accessible features include:

  • Hearing aid compatible M4 and T3
  • TTY/TDD support
  • Vibrating and LED alerts
  • Supports English and Spanish
  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) shortcut
  • 911 shortcut
Environmental Certification: Certified by the independent UL Environment, this phone contains environmentally-preferable materials with a minimal environmental impact.