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For customers who have mobility limitations

The following features that may make Sprint phones easier to use for customers with mobility limitations:

Automatic answer – phone automatically answers in a certain number of rings.

Call Answer – many phones can be programmed to answer by hitting any key on the keypad or by flipping open a clamshell style phone.

Automatic redial – enables user to press one key to redial a telephone number.

One-touch dialing – enables users to press one button to dial a telephone number from the pre-programmed phone book.

Speaker phone – A Sprint customer using a speaker phone doesn't have to hold the phone while talking, and can place it on a nearby surface.

Voice dialing – some phones enable a person to use their voice to dial outgoing telephone calls.

Voice recognition for menu selection – some phones allow a person to use their voice to activate select menu items.

Tabs / indents – most Sprint clamshell or flip style phones have tabs or indentations on each side of the phone to make them easier to open.

Non-slip keys and controls – some phones keys and controls have non-slip surfaces so they are easier to press.

Easy tabletop operation – many phones have a flat back so that the user can place it on a flat surface for easier operation.

No-slip grips – some phones have textured sides or grips on the sides of the handset to make it easier to hold.

Hands-free operation – many phones are compatible with a hands-free kit, headset or ear bud.

Data functions support – some phones support multiple data applications (e.g., fax, e-mail, text and multimedia messaging).

QWERTY keyboards – some phones have QWERTY keyboards with tactile menu and search keys.