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For customers with cognitive disabilities

Listed below are features that may make Sprint phones easier to use for customers with cognitive disabilities:

Standard icons - Sprint Products use standardized icons on display screen and keys to indicate functions.

Automatic answer - some phones can be programmed to automatically answer in a certain number of rings.

Automatic redial - most phones enable users to press one key to redial a telephone number.

One-touch dialing - most phones allow users to press one button to dial a telephone number from the pre-programmed phone book.

Menu prompts and cues - some phones provide cues and prompts to assist with complicated menu procedures.

Picture caller identification - many camera phones allow the user to select a photo to be displayed with each name programmed into caller identification.

Text reminder functions - many phones allow the user to set alarms and reminders (e.g., Take Medicine).

Voice dialing - some phones enable a person to use their voice to dial outgoing telephone calls.

Voice recognition for menu selection - some phones enable a person to use their voice to activate select menu items.

Voice output - some phones 'verbalize' select handset functions, providing audible low battery and roaming alerts, and read-outs of call logs and the digits of incoming calls.