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Sprint Prepaid Internet

Sprint Prepaid Internet allows your customer to "carry" the Internet with them virtually wherever they go, with no monthly fees, usage commitments or contracts to sign. The product can link to your brand's website, and all messages and packaging can be co-branded. Sprint Prepaid Internet can give you the ability to reach your online goals.

  • Customers can access the Internet from anywhere within the U.S.
  • The minutes are rechargeable - similar to a Sprint Prepaid PhoneCard.
  • You can co-brand this product -- including packaging, CD and start-up page -- with your brand's identity and message.
  • After your customers install Sprint Prepaid Internet, they go to a customizable start-up page. From there they can access the Internet or their email account.
  • This start-up page is the spot that you can provide a link to your own company's website, deliver your brand message or offer special promotions and coupons.

Sprint Prepaid Internet Sparks Online Interest