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T-Mobile Network Experience

Things to know:

  • You will not see any changes to your Sprint bill unless you add new lines, finance or lease a new device, or make other purchases.
  • You will continue to use MySprint (Web or App) to manage your account and pay your bill.
  • You must now dial 611 to reach Customer Care or Pay your Bill by phone.
  • You will now see the T-Mobile Network indicator displayed on your device. Check your T-Mobile coverage.
  • While most of your apps will carry over and provide the same experience you have today, there are a few exceptions. The In-Store Mobile Expert will get you set up with comparable T-Mobile apps when you stop by to set everything up.
Apps on the Sprint Network Apps now on the T-Mobile Network
Sprint Visual Voicemail T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
Call Screener Scam Shield
(Includes Scam ID/Scam Block, Free Number Change, and Free Caller ID. You will need to re-add previously blocked numbers from Call Screener into Scam Shield.)
  • If any apps didn’t carry over, visit the Google Play or App store to download apps previously installed on your phone.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please visit a retail store or contact us for assistance.

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