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Username and password requirements

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Select Profile and Settings.
  4. Click Edit next to username or password.
  5. Update and click save changes.

Username requirements

  • 6-33 characters
  • Can only include the following special characters: periods, hyphens and underscores
  • Cannot include account information

Password requirements

  • 8-33 characters
  • at least 1 capital letter
  • at least 1 number
  • at least one special characheter: - _ . $ # @ ! +
  • cannot match username, phone, account or Social Security numbers
  • cannot use prior passwords

Password tips

For the strongest password:

  • Avoid common words or a combination of common words i.e. “House” or “Red house” 
  • Stay away from obvious substitutions i.e. "H0use"
  • Don't use a password that you use somewhere else

Note: To help keep your account secure you will be required to change your password every six months. Account username profiles may be expired after 6 months of inactivity.

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