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Sprint Upgrade Policy

Sprint Upgrade Policy

Once you're ready to upgrade your device, Sprint has several great options for eligible customers. You can determine your upgrade status at any time by visiting We have listed your upgrade options below and also have provided some general terms of our program. 

Here are the ways you can upgrade with Sprint (Note: All accounts must be in good standing without any past-due, unpaid balances)

Sprint Lease

Once you've completed your lease term and all of your payments are paid in full, you're eligible to enter into a new lease. You will need to turn in your current, good-functioning device and enter into a new Lease Agreement. An upgrade fee of up to $36 may apply. To learn more about our lease program, please visit At the end of any lease term, you are required to turn in your current device or purchase your device. 

iPhone and Samsung Forever Programs 

If you participated in one of our Forever Programs, once eligible, you may choose to upgrade to the latest iPhone or Samsung models with a new lease agreement and give back your current eligible device. After upgrade, remaining unbilled lease payments for giveback device are waived. And, you will need to turn in your current eligible, good-functioning device and enter into a new Lease Agreement. An upgrade fee of up to $30 may apply. Visit or for more information. 

Sprint Installment Agreement

Once your installment agreement has been paid in full (either over 24 months or before), you are eligible to upgrade to a new device. You also may be eligible for an early upgrade. If you would like to purchase an upgrade device through monthly installment payments, you will need to enter into a new installment agreement. An upgrade fee of up to $30 may apply. To learn more, visit

Early Upgrade Option

Some of our plans allow you to upgrade your device before you have completed your installment or lease agreement term commitment. To be eligible, you must have added this add-on option within 30 days of device activation or activated on a monthly rate plan that included this as an option. In addition, you must have been active on the line of service for at least 12 months and made at least 12 consecutive payments towards your Lease or Installment Agreements. You will need to turn in your current, good-functioning device and enter into a new Lease or Installment Agreement. An upgrade fee of up to $36 may apply. 

Sprint Discount Program

Corporate-sponsored (company-paid) business accounts that qualify for Business Device Flat Pricing or contract renewal service credit offers may not be eligible for this offer. Customers' eligibility date is set at the time a device offer is given. A Sprint Service Plan is your base monthly plan; it does not include monthly taxes, surcharges or charges for add-on features and services. Savings will be provided through a mail-in rebate via reward card and/or instant savings and is only available on select Sprint devices with a current rebate offer. See for details on current Sprint device rebates. Savings cannot exceed the total purchase price of the Sprint device. Not redeemable for cash and not transferable. Customer must meet the promotional requirements as stated here and on the mail-in rebate form. Account must be in good standing with no past due unpaid balances. New Sprint devices and devices activated under the Sprint Upgrade Program must remain active during the time the rebate is being processed (approximately eight weeks). The promotion rebate offers are subject to change at any time. Instant discounts and/or mail-in rebates may not be available in all locations.

 General Upgrade Terms and Conditions

  • Even if you’re eligible to upgrade, if Sprint assigns your lease, you will have the right to take advantage of the upgrade only if Sprint simultaneously transfers ownership of the new qualifying device and assigns the new Lease Agreement to the assignee of your lease, unless otherwise specified by the assignee of your lease.
  • For all installment and lease agreements, the line associated with the device is required to maintain an eligible service plan with the device. If service is cancelled, any remaining unpaid balance becomes due immediately.
  • Customers on certain plans may not be able to upgrade to a subsidized device and certain plans may not be available to customers who upgrade to a subsidized device. Customers with subsidized devices may be subject to a higher monthly rate when moving to certain plans.
  • Current customers who have fulfilled their Service Agreement, Installment Agreement or Lease Agreement and are eligible to upgrade can try their new device for 14 days. Customers who upgrade their device before the end of their installment billing agreement or lease agreement, including as part of a "Forever" program, can exchange a device within 14 days but cannot return the device. See for more details. Customers who upgraded from a discounted device before the end of their Service Agreement and have chosen to return their device within the eligible period will be returned to their prior contract status and will be subject to any prior Service Agreement.
  • After your next upgrade, it could take 1-3 months for your upgrade eligibility to reflect the correct eligibility date(s).
  • Please note that these upgrade options are not available in all Sprint channels and only certain devices may be eligible.
  • Sprint may change or terminate this program at any time at Sprint's sole discretion.
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