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Learn about the Account Spending Limit Program

Here's some helpful information for you if you're part of our Account Spending Limit Program. The decision to place you in the program is based on information provided to us by an outside credit service when you authorize a credit history check.

About your spending limit

  • Your Spending Limit is the monthly maximum amount of spending per phone on your account based on your credit decision. For accounts with multiple phones, the total spending limit is calculated as the number of phones on the account multiplied by the spending limit per phone.
  • For example: If an account with 3 phones has a spending limit of $250 per phone, the spending limit for the account will be $750 (or 3 x $250 = $750).
  • We may impose a monetary or other limit on use of Application charges that you will be allowed to bill to your account in a specific timeframe (month, week, day, or other time period). We may suspend your ability to bill Applications to your account without prior consent or notice. Applications may be discontinued or cancelled at any time, without notice.

The Spending Limit Program Charge

  • A $7.99 monthly Account Spending Limit charge applies to certain Legacy Sprint accounts. However, we will waive that charge if you sign up for recurring AutoPay and eBill.
  • AutoPay allows you to have your payments automatically deducted each month.  eBill lets you receive billing notifications through email, rather than mail.  You can sign up for both AutoPay and eBill when checking out by providing a credit card and email address (once you've signed up for My Sprint online, you can also choose to AutoPay from your bank account). We'll send you an email to confirm your enrollment. By enrolling in both eBill and AutoPay, we'll notify you every month via email when your bill is ready to be viewed online, and your payment will be deducted from your credit card or bank account on the due date you see on and on your email reminder.

Managing your Spending Limit on your phone

  • The Spending Limit Monitor allows you to view your account balance at any time, tracks your out of plan charges against your spending limit and allows you to pay your bill – all from your phone.
    • Note: If you do not have a data plan, you may incur casual data usage charges when you open your mobile web browser and navigate to the Spending Limit Monitor. However, once you access the Spending Limit Monitor, you will not incur any additional data charges, as the Spending Limit Monitor tool itself is free of charge.
  • To access the free Spending Limit Monitor:
    1. From your phone, type in your browser
    2. Select Manage your Sprint account and then choose My Spending Limit
    3. Sign in using your username and password. If you do not have one, selectSign up now

Going over your limit

  • If your average balance per phone exceeds your spending limit, your outgoing phone calls will be routed to our finance group for payment. If your average balance per phone continues to exceed your spending limit, all phones on the account will be temporarily deactivated until a payment is made that brings the account balance below the spending limit.
  • When your phones are reactivated from nonpayment, you may be charged a reconnection fee of $36 per account. The reconnection fee is subject to change without notification.

Staying within your limit

  • Depending on your usage patterns, automatic notifications are sent to help you stay within your limit. All texts we send related to your spending limit are free to you. You can easily monitor your minutes, text and data usage by dialing *4 from your phone (or *5 forSpanish). To check your account balance, payments posted, or credit/debit adjustments to your account and your current status, you can sign in to, or call 800-639-6111.
    • Note: Taxes, fees and assessments are not included in the daily balance calculation but are applied to the spending limit at the end of your billing period.

Who receives spending limit notifications about your account

  • If you have a one-phone account, you get all the notifications. If you have multiple phones on one account, you select one individual to receive all notification messages, making it easier to manage your group's bill and reducing the chance of service interruption.
    • Note: If you didn't specify someone, we designate the first active phone as the account owner who gets the notification.

Making payments

  • The fastest way to pay is either online at or by dialing *3 on your Sprint phone.
  • You can make mid-month payments if you wish. You don't have to wait and pay at the end of your billing period.

Your deposit

  • Your deposit will be refunded after six months of Sprint service as a credit to your account. If this results in a credit balance, you can request a refund for the difference.
  • If you discontinue Sprint service before 6 months has passed, your deposit will be refunded, minus the amount of your outstanding balance and early termination fee, if applicable.
  • For deposits made by credit or debit card, we'll credit your account. All other refunds will be made by check. Except where required by law, your deposit won't earn any interest.

International Roaming

  • Sprint Global Roaming will be enabled for capable devices. Learn more about Sprint Global Roaming.
  • Not all international roaming offers may be available while in the Spending Limit Program. Contact Sprint Worldwide Care for options available to meet international roaming needs.
  • Sprint Worldwide can be reached via email or chat from
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