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Identity Verification Form If you have been directed to provide additional documents required to validate your identity, click Here.

Sprint Customers:
If you have unauthorized transactions with your financial account, please contact us at

Non-Sprint Customers:
If you are not a Sprint customer and have an unauthorized charge to your debit or credit card, please contact your financial institution to dispute the charge.

If a collection agency has contacted you about an outstanding debt with Sprint or if you're aware of a Sprint account in your name and you have never had Sprint service, complete an Identity Theft Packet (Fraud Packet) and send it to our office so that we can investigate your case. You must complete and send the Fraud Packet (see bullet No. 5 below) to us so we can properly handle your case. You must provide the information listed below for us to process your packet promptly.

  • A valid government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, state-issued ID card, military ID or passport, etc.)
  • Copy of police report which includes the name of the law enforcement agency, a contact phone number and case number.
  • A written statement that tells us how you were notified about the debt.
  • If contacted by a collection agency, please provide the name of the agency, claim number and contact number.
  • Fraud Packet: Online form
  • Mail-in Fraud Packet form: English | Español

At the bottom of this page is a Web link to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) identity theft website. This website contains information on how identity theft occurs and what you can do in the future to avoid being a victim.

Timeline for Claim Resolution

Once your fraud packet is received, Sprint will have up to 30 days (10 days in the state of California) to review the documentation and contact you (the victim) by mail with the result of the investigation.

If the account in dispute is confirmed fraud, Sprint will send you a settlement letter detailing the following actions taken:

  • Close the account that was opened using your name and personal information
  • Adjust any balance on the account to zero.
  • Notify any collection agency that the account is fraudulent and to cease any collection activity.

If we are unable to confirm fraud, you will receive additional correspondence.

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