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Change the phone ringtone and notification sound on your device for the LG G6

Steps to change the phone ringtone for calls on your LG G6

  1. From the home screen, swipe to and tap Settings.
  2. From the Sound tab, tap Ringtone.
  3. Tap the preferred ringtone and then tap OK.

Steps to change the notification sound for emails and texts on your LG G6

  1. From the home screen, swipe to and tap Settings.
  2. From the Sound tab, scroll to and tap More.
  3. Tap Notification sound.
  4. Tap the preferred notification sound and then tap OK.

Note: Ringtones placed in the Ringtones folder and notification tones placed in the Notifications folder of the internal storage will appear in the list of available ringtones or notification tones. Both ringtones and notification tones must be a supported file type.

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