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Sprint support

Unable to connect via Wi-Fi (WLAN) for the Franklin R910 Mobile Hotspot

This article troubleshoots issues related to connections failures over Wi-Fi

Check whether the mobile broadband device is properly connected to the computer or other external device. If not, make sure you have the right Wi-Fi name selected and the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly.

If SHARED WEP is the security method being used, check whether the correct WEP key is entered. If the WEP key is unknown, see Wi-Fi Basic Settings to reset the WEP key and reconnect the device.

Check whether the correct WPA key is set. If the WPA key is unknown, see Wi-Fi Basic Settings to reset the mobile broadband device or see the WLAN Initialization Sticker to reset the WPA key, and then reconnect the device. WPA/WPA2 security may not be supported depending on the Wi-Fi device. See the Wi-Fi device user guide for more information.

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