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FAQs related to text messaging on your device for the Alcatel GO FLIP

Answers to some of your questions about text messaging on your Alcatel GO FLIP

� What's the difference between text messaging and multimedia messaging?

A text message only contains text. For longer text messages, your Alcatel GO FLIP splits the message into multiple messages.

With multimedia messaging you can combine images, video, and audio with text in a single message.

Note: Other devices either split long texts into multiple messages or convert them into a multimedia message. Multimedia messages require a data connection; text messages don't.

Send or receive a message.

� Why does the message say Draftnext to it?

Your Alcatel GO FLIP saves a message that is composed but not sent as a draft. You can open and edit a draft or send it as is.

� How do I send a group message?

While composing a message, enter the number of each recipient into the To field, pressing the OK key after each number.

� Can I delete a text message?

Delete a text message thread.

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