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Sprint CapTel

Image of a black CapTel 2400i phone with text across the screen in caption.

Sprint CapTel (Captioned Telephone) is a free service that makes it easy for people who have hearing loss to stay in touch with family and friends on the phone. A Sprint CapTel phone works like any other phone with an important distinction: It shows captions of every word the other person says throughout the telephone conversation. With Sprint CapTel service, users hear what they can and read captions of what they miss.

More information: www.sprintcaptel.com

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Sprint WebCapTel

Image of a woman using her cellphone and holding an iPad reading text across the iPad screen on her lap tilted – using Sprint WebCapTel service.

Sprint WebCapTel service makes it easy for people who have hearing loss to stay in touch with family and friends using any telephone. They place the call on the tablet. The operator calls their call back number and at the same time, dials out. They hear what they can on the phone, but on a computer or tablet, they can read captions of every word the other person says throughout the telephone conversation. The service is free and works with existing home phones and cell phones. Available only in the USA or its territories. Will not work with international calls.

More Information: https://sprintcaptel.com/solutions-by-sprint/sprint-webcaptel/

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Sprint IP Relay

Image of a person holding a smartphone up close displaying Sprint IP relay call conversation.

Sprint IP Relay uses an Internet connection, a computer or mobile device and a relay operator. The service is free for people who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind or have a speech disability. You type what you want to say to the operator, then the operator relays the message to your caller and types their response back to you.

SprintIP.com and the Sprint Mobile IP app (available for Android and iOS) are available only in USA and US territories. Registration is required.


More information: www.sprintrelay.com/iprelay

To view the video: https://youtu.be/nqu5EKIL5kM

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Sprint Teleconference Captioning (STC)

Image of customer using Relay Conference Captioning: circle photo in the background displaying people sitting at table listening to a conference call via phone speaker on table in the middle and a person holding tablet/iPad reading conference captioning on screen up close.

Sprint Teleconference Captioning (STC) provides live, real-time online captioning of meetings, phone calls, and multi-party teleconference calls. STC requires an Internet-connected computer, laptop or tablet with high-speed Internet connection. STC service is available for business to business or states that have purchased agreements with Sprint.

More Information: www.sprintrelay.com/stc

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Sprint National Relay Services

Image of solid yellow USA map represents Sprint Relay Services offers national relay calls.

Sprint National Relay Services allows those with speech and/or hearing disabilities to access telecommunications services. The services allows text-telephone (TTY) or special equipment users such as Captioned telephone, Braille TTY, to communicate with standard voice telephone users through specially trained relay operators or captioners. Calls can be made to virtually anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no restrictions on the number, length, or type of calls. All calls are strictly confidential and no records of any conversations are maintained.

For more information: http://www.sprintrelay.com/services/sprint-national-relay-services

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Federal Relay Service

Image of Federal Relay logo – circle logo with contrast graphic face of an operator wearing headset with microphone. On bottom half of the circle is a America flag symbol (white stars against blue background and white and red stripes).

The Federal Relay Service is the contracted Federal Government Telecommunications Relay Service through the General Services Administration (GSA) for Federal employees who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, blind and low vision, or have speech disabilities.

This contract provides a package of functionally equivalent communication access services so that Federal employees may conduct official duties. The general public may also conduct business with the Federal Government and its agencies. Calls are relayed using trained Communication Assistants (CA). The CA acts as a transparent conduit for the transmittal of information.

All calls are strictly confidential and no records of any conversations are maintained.

Service Types

Telephone-based Services:

  • Text Telephone (TTY)
  • Speech to Speech (STS)
  • Captioned Telephone (CapTel)

Internet-based Services:

  • Video Relay Service
    • Video Remote Interpreting
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Relay
  • Relay Conference Captioning (RCC)
  • Captioned Telephone (CapTel)

For more information, please visit: www.federalrelay.us

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State Relay Services

Image of USA map –showing more 30 states in yellow that offers Relay Service managed by Sprint Accessibility. White states are offered by other providers.

A person who is deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or have a speech disability uses a TTY to type his/her conversation to the relay operator who then reads the typed conversation to a hearing person. The Relay Operator relays the hearing person's spoken words by typing them back to the TTY user.

7-1-1 is a free service - simple, easy-to-remember number to access that state relay services. The State Relay Service, provided through a contract with Sprint, is used to assist communications between people who use text telephones (TTYs) and people who use voice telephones. Specially trained operators facilitate communications between the two callers. Every call is handled in strict confidence.

For more information: http://www.sprintrelay.com/services/state-relay-services

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Speech to Speech Service

Image of a smiling man sitting in a wheelchair holding the phone headset and the phone is on his lap speaking via Speech to Speech service.

Speech-to-Speech (STS) relay is a free operator service for people whose speech may not be understood by the public on the phone. A specially trained operator is on the line to assist the caller by repeating the conversation when unclear, or requested. Special equipment is not required to use this service.

For more information: www.sprintsts.com

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