Sprint Accessibility

Image of a woman smiling wearing a headset and a microphone near her mouth – represent as a Customer Service.

Sprint Accessibility Care – main office

Voice: 800-676-3777
Speech-to-Speech: 877-787-1989
TTY: 800-676-3777
Voice Carryover: 866-931-9027
Spanish: 800-676-4290
E-mail: accessibility@sprint.com
Fax: 877-877-3291

Spanish Customer Service

Servicio al Cliente en Español
Español: 800-676-4290
Correo Electrónico: accessibility@sprint.com
Fax: 877-877-3291

Sprint CapTel (Captioned Telephone) Customer Service

Available 24/7 (Excluding holidays)
Espanol: 866-204-9134
Email: CapTel@CapTel.com
Fax: 608-204-6167

Sprint WebCapTel

Available Monday- Friday from 6 AM - 11 PM Central Standard
Customer Service: 855-871-8429 (Voice/TTY)
Email: WebCapTel@sprint.com
Fax: 877-877-3291

Sprint IP Relay

Voice: 800-676-3777
Speech-to-Speech: 877-787-1989
TTY: 800-676-3777
Spanish: 800-676-4290
E-mail: relayuserregistration@sprint.com
Fax: 877-877-3291

Sprint Video Customer Care – Sprint Relay Store

Open during business hours: 7a – 10p CT, M-F
Email: VCS@sprint.com
Chat Online: http://www.sprintrelaystore.com/global/snippets/inq/inqChat.html

Federal Relay Service

General Federal Relay Email: federalrelay@sprint.com
Federal Video Relay: Fedvrshelp@sprint.com

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