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Sprint Return and Exchange Policy

Upgrade your phone or tablet

Existing customers who have fulfilled their Service Agreement, installment billing agreement, or lease agreement and are eligible to upgrade can also try their new device for 14 days.

  • Monthly installment and lease customers who upgrade their device before the end of their installment billing agreement or lease agreement (e.g., a customer exercising an early upgrade option) may exchange their device within the 14-day Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee period per the exchange policy below, but cannot return their device.
  • Customers who upgraded from a discounted device before the end of their Service Agreement and have chosen to return their device within the eligible period will be returned to their prior contract status and will be subject to any prior Service Agreement.

Per the terms of Sprint's Buyback and Giveback policies, Sprint cannot ensure that Sprint will be able to return your old device. You can select the best plan for you from our current price plan options (your previous service plan may no longer be available to you).

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