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Sprint eBill Terms and Conditions

The Sprint electronic billing terms and conditions are in addition to your Sprint Service Agreement and any other terms and conditions for other services or equipment that you receive (collectively "Agreement"). To the extent there is a conflict between these terms and conditions and your Agreements, these terms will govern. By agreeing to the electronic billing terms, you will receive your Bill or Payment Reminder (collectively "Bill") electronically according to the following terms:

  1. Electronic Bill. You will receive an electronic (paperless) bill unless you tell us you would like a paper invoice.  You will be able to elect your bill delivery mechanism at the point of sale or by visiting the My Account section of and signing into the My Preferences tab.  You can also contact customer service to make the change.  You can access your invoice by following the instructions provided to you in your paperless billing email or text message notice.
  2. Notice and Information Accuracy. Sprint will use its best efforts to present all of your electronic bills promptly. In addition to notification on your online account page, Sprint will send email notification to the email address registered with the account or to the Sprint phone number listed in Sprint’s records, if receiving such notice by text message. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your notice email or phone number is current and accurate. You can update your contact information online or by calling customer service and we will send a confirmation notice.  If your selected paperless invoice delivery method fails, Sprint reserves the right to send the invoice via another available notice option.  In the event you do not receive notification, it is your responsibility to visit the My Account section of, check your bill, review your current email and phone number information, and notify Sprint if you did not receive your electronic Bill notice.  You agree to hold Sprint harmless for any delay or failure to deliver or receive the electronic Bill notice.
  3. Printed Invoice Copies. By agreeing to the electronic Bill terms, you will no longer receive a paper Bill from Sprint. It may take up to two invoice cycles for this update to reflect and you may still incur a fee for full detail invoices.  You may print a paper copy of your electronic invoice provided in the My Account section of or request that copies be mailed to you, which may require a reprint charge.
  4. Payment. You must pay the amount due listed in your electronic Bill by the due date in order to avoid service interruption.  You can sign up for Autopay at and locate the AutoPay terms and conditions at
  5. Invoice Notices. Sprint periodically includes notices in its monthly billing statements, including, but not limited to, notices that are required by law or a regulatory agency regarding changes in your service. By selecting the paperless bill option you understand and agree that those notices will be available to you only online, and can be found in your online bill under the section titled Sprint News and Notices.
  6. Discontinuing Ebill Service. You may discontinue the eBill service at any time and request to receive a paper bill by going to the My Account section of or by contacting Sprint customer service.  A $2.00/mo. per account fee will apply if you choose to receive a paper invoice with detailed billing.
  7. System Compatibility and Blocking. The ability to receive electronic invoices via e-mail delivery requires an active e-mail address, internet connection, and compatible computing systems. The ability to receive electronic Bills via SMS text message requires an active Sprint account and phone number, as well as an SMS capable device. To view your bill online, you will need to make sure you have compatible viewing software.  If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your bill, please contact customer service.  You should also make sure Sprint is included on any safe sender lists your email provider may have to ensure that email is not blocked. 
  8. Disputes. Any disputes regarding the accuracy or completeness of your electronic Bill shall be subject to the dispute resolution terms and conditions in your Sprint Service Agreement.
  9. Changes to Agreement. Sprint reserves the right to cancel or change the electronic bill agreement at any time and to provide notice electronically or by other means. Sprint also reserves the right to deny access to electronic billing at its sole discretion.  You agree to accept legal and other notices (such as notices about changes to your Sprint Terms and Conditions, rate plan, equipment, services, features, or equipment installment plan) electronically.
  10. Exclusions of warranties. The electronic billing service is provided “as is”, “with all faults”, and without warranties of title, merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose, all of which are expressly disclaimed. You assume all responsibility and risk for use of the paperless billing service. Sprint does not warrant that the paperless billing information, processes, or services will be uninterrupted, accurate, complete, useful, functional, or bug-or-error-free. If applicable state law does not allow the disclaimer of certain implied warranties, the relevant portions of the above exclusion may not apply.
  11. Acknowledgments. By agreeing to electronic billing and accepting these terms, you acknowledge that you: (i) can access and read these terms, (ii) can access your electronic Bill as described above; and (iii) consent to receiving your Bill exclusively through electronic means.
  12. Authority. By agreeing to electronic Billing and accepting these terms, you agree and represent that you have the authority to accept and receive electronic billing (and, if applicable, discontinue receiving a paper Bill) for this Sprint account, including the authority to agree to the terms and conditions herein.
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