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Account Management Tools & Usage Alerts

Sprint currently offers a number of tools and ways to assist customers with the management of their wireless bills and voice, data and text usage, including:

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  • Dial * 4: You may dial * 4 on your Sprint phone to receive text, data, and voice minute usage via an interactive voice response (IVR) platform. At the end of the call, you can request your usage information to be sent to you via a text message.

  • Alerts for Voice and/or Text Usage: Sprint provides usage alerts when customers reach approximately 85% and 100% of their plan limits for voice minutes or text messages (if applicable). The primary account holder will receive the usage alert (for domestic usage) via text message or email (depending on their preference) that a subscriber on the account has reached the applicable threshold. 

  • Alerts for Data Usage on the Sprint network: Sprint provides the primary account holder email or text alerts after any subscribers on the account exceed 75%, 90% and 100% of their data allowance. Customers will receive notifications after exceeding 20% increments over the original data allowance.

  • Exceptions:

    • Sprint Family Share Pack Plan: For per KB charged overage, customers will receive notifications at 40% increments over the original data allowance for customers with a 600 MB allowance, at 20% increments for customers with a 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB allowance, or at 5% increments for customers with an 8 GB or higher allowance. For customers on the $15/GB additional high speed data buy up, customers will receive notifications at 75%, 90% and 100% of additional purchase data bucket.

    • Tablet Plans: After exceeding 100%, your on-network data usage will be suspended. You have the option to continue to use it and pay the overage charges or leave on-network data service suspended until the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you consent to continue to use on-network data service, you will continue to receive text or email notifications after exceeding 20% increments over your original data allowance.

    • Cut Your Rate Plan in Half Individual Plans: Customers will receive the following incremental notifications over their original data allowance:

    • 1000% on 25MB
      500% on 50MB
      300% on 75MB
      200% on 100MB
      100% on 250MB or 300MB
      40% on 500MB-750MB
      20% on 1GB-5GB
      5% on 6GB-40GB

    • Cut Your Rate Plan in Half Share Plans: Customers will receive the following incremental notifications over their original data allowance:

      100% on 250MB or 300MB
      40% on 500MB
      20% on 1GB-4GB
      10% on 6GB
      5% on 8GB-60GB
      2.5% on 65GB-100GB

  • Alerts for Data Usage while Roaming: If you use your device while roaming nationwide, you may use up to the monthly data roaming allowance included in your plan. Sprint provides the primary account holder notifications via your notification preference after any subscribers on the account exceed 75%, 90% and 100% of your data usage limit. After exceeding 100%, your roaming data usage will be suspended. Data roaming will be restored automatically at the beginning of the next billing cycle. For certain devices, you may have the option to continue to use the device and pay the overage charges. If you consent to continue to use roaming data service, you will continue to receive text or email notifications after exceeding 20% increments over your original data roaming allowance.

  • Alerts for International Usage: Sprint sends a "welcome" message when an international roaming subscriber first registers in a foreign country. The "welcome" message is a text message including details on the casual rates for voice, texts and data in that particular country. In addition, Sprint sends notifications in approximately $50 increments of international data roaming charges. Casual international roaming users will be required to opt-in when usage charges meet or exceed approximately $100 and $300. Customers on international data plans must opt-in when they meet their data allowance and when they incur approximately $300 in overage charges. All customers incurring approximately $500 of international data usage charges will be suspended, but usage can be restored by contacting Sprint. Sprint will continue to send notifications at approximately $50 increments over $500.

  • Alerts regarding Quality of Service Practices (QoS): To help protect against the possibility that unlimited data plan customers that use high volumes of data may occupy an unreasonable share of network resources, Sprint employs network prioritization or QoS on the Sprint network. Customers who choose unlimited data handset plans launched on or after October 16, 2015, or customers who choose to upgrade their handsets or activate new lines of service on or after October 16 and are on unlimited data plans, that use more than 50GB (to be adjusted periodically) of data during a single billing cycle will be de-prioritized for the remainder of that billing cycle as compared to other customers at times and places where the availability of network resources is constrained. Affected unlimited data customers will continue to be able to enjoy unlimited amounts of data without the worry of overage charges or hard, full time bandwidth reductions. Customers subject to prioritization may experience reduced throughput and increased latency compared to other customers on the constrained site and as compared to their normal experience on the Sprint network. Unlimited customers may also notice temporary changes in the performance of data intensive applications such as streaming video or online gaming when subject to prioritization. These temporary reductions in performance will only occur at times and places where capacity is constrained. Performance will return to normal as soon as the resource constraints have been relieved or the customer has relocated to a non-constrained location. Unlimited data customers potentially subject to lower QoS will be notified when their individual data usage reaches approximately 75% of 50GB so that they may modify their usage to avoid network management practices that may result in slower data speeds. We will also notify customers when they have reached the 50GB threshold and are now subject to de-prioritization.

  • MySprint: Sprint customers can access and manage their accounts 24/7 by logging on to Customers can access this site on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer to easily view any alerts or notifications involving their account. Customers can also obtain detailed usage information (e.g. casual data usage) as well as billing and payment history. Sprint also offers widgets that iGoogle and Facebook users can download to stay informed on usage, call details and upgrade eligibility.

  • Sprint Plan Optimizer: Sprint Plan Optimizer gives consumer customers the power to analyze their own wireless usage trends and help make educated and informed decisions about their plans. The Sprint Plan Optimizer, available at, also helps customers understand unplanned costs, such as overages (if applicable), and provides a breakout of monthly costs and average monthly usage patterns for voice minutes, text messaging and data.

Usage reporting and usage alerts (for data and international) are provided at the time the information is received and processed by Sprint's billing system. This causes a delay that is normally minimal for on-network usage. However, the delay can be up to 60 days for off-network and international roaming due to reliance on records received from other carriers.

To set your usage alert preferences for email or text Log in to your account at, go to "My Preferences", and select "Email Notification" and then the "Security and Usage Notification" section to select Email or text messages. If no preference is selected, Sprint will use text messaging as the default for usage alerts.

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