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Phone showing map next to Tracker device
Tracker + Safe & Found

Delivering real-time tracking information and personalized alerts to any smartphone or tablet, giving you peace of mind.

Life gets hectic.

When it does, it can be hard to keep track of the things (and people) that matter most to you. Thankfully, there’s Tracker.
Simply attach the easily-transferable device to items you want to keep an eye on. You can check real-time location and get alerts even when you’re miles away.
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Backpack with Tracker device

Family Location & Personalized Alerts

Before your kids head off to school or camp, attach Tracker to their backpacks. You’ll get an alert when they’ve reached their destination.

If they need to contact you, they can activate an alert that is sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Works on Sprint 4G LTE Network only.


Whether you have a new driver in the family or you’re managing a small fleet of trucks, you can rest knowing that the vehicle is where it’s supposed to be. If your vehicle moves outside of your defined safety area, you can have an alert sent right to you.
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Real-time location tracking


Personalized safety zones & notifications

Water drop

Water resistant

Battery Icon

Long battery life


Tracks historical data

Light source

Built-in light sensor detection

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Tracker on dog

It’s Great For Pets, Too!

Is your dog a runner? Tracker also offers a dog-collar accessory (sold separately) so you can keep track of your furriest family member when they make a break for it.
Use the Safe & Found app to create a custom geo-fence and set safety area. You’ll get an alert whenever they enter or leave the safety area.

You Can Track Nearly Anything!

It can be hard remembering where you last saw important items like your keys.

Tracker is small enough to attach to your daily items, such as your keys, luggage, cameras, bikes and more! If you have trouble finding an item, press the Ring button from your Safe & Found app. The Tracker will sound, making it easier for you to find your lost item.

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Real-time location tracking Check Check
Personalized safety zones & notifications Check Check
Tracks historical data Check Check
30 days FREE service   Check
Track phones and tablets   Check
Locate, lock or wipe a lost phone   Check
Parental controls for phones and tablets   Check
SOS family alerts   Check

For well-qualified customers with 24-mo. installments and new Tracker lines on Safe & Found. Early termination results in remaining balance due. Tax due at sale. Tracker + Safe & Found service priced with AutoPay. Functionality limited to tracking features only.

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