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Top of the line spectrum.

An important difference between Sprint's spectrum and the other carriers' is TDD-LTE (Time Division Duplex). TDD is used today in data-centric formats such as Wi-Fi, and TDD-LTE spectrum bands are leading candidates for future 5G formats. A key advantage of TDD-LTE is its flexible and efficient use of spectrum. For example, with TDD-LTE, Sprint's 2.5GHz spectrum uses unpaired channels, enabling us to apply more spectrum and capacity to downlink versus uplink.

Increased carrier aggregation.

Carrier Aggregation is important because it allows us to unlock the full potential of our deep 2.5GHz spectrum position and build the big pipes that our customers need. The network team has been rolling out two-channel (2x20MHz) Carrier Aggregation in the 2.5GHz band on select sites within various markets across the country.

Unmatched technology.

High Performance User Equipment (HPUE) is a breakthrough innovation for smartphones and devices that has the ability to extend our 2.5 GHz coverage by up to 30 percent, including indoors where the majority of wireless traffic is generated. With HPUE, our customers gain the best of both worlds, allowing our 2.5 GHz spectrum to maintain all of the speed and capacity advantages of high-band, while gaining the coverage advantages of mid-band spectrum.

A Network of Unlimited potential.

Every smartphone user has a unique story to tell. We want to hear yours. Tell us how the Sprint network works for you and you might be featured in an upcoming video.

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