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Ways To Get Your Free Line


Starting May 06, 2022, for a limited time, existing Sprint customers activating on an eligible plan can get a free voice line. Here’s how:

  • Existing customers: You must have at least 2 paid voice lines on your account, then activate at least 1 new voice line on a qualifying rate plan to get it for free via monthly bill credits. Taxes and fees will apply.
  • New customers – Activate at least 3 voice lines on an Unlimited for All or Essentials plan and get the 3rd voice line on the plan for free via monthly bill credits.
    • New accounts on Sprint Services or only available in Select Stores
  • The free voice line will be redeemed via bill credits and will be applied monthly to the line activated during the promotional period.
  • The free line must be activated or ordered during the promotional period. All paid voice lines on the account must remain active for 12 months to continue receiving bill credits. After 12 months customers must maintain a minimum of 2 paid voice lines to receive a free line credit on 3rd line.
  • This offer is not combinable with any Installment device offer in market.
    • Customers are able to get this promo if they:
      • Bring their own device
      • Buy full SRP
      • Use virtual SIM process
      • Install a phone at full price.
        • Note: If a device has an AAL offer tied to it you will not be able to purchase that phone without offer on Installment.
  • A maximum of 1 free line may be added per account during the promotion.

For Sprint customers, eligible plans include select Unlimited and Data Share postpaid plans, except our Military, 55+, SWAC (Advantage Unlimited) and other select legacy rate plans.

Eligible Plan List:

  • Unlimited for All (Unlimited Plan, Unlimited Plan v2, v7, v8, v9, v10)
  • Unlimited Freedom
  • Unlimited Savings
  • Unlimited Value
  • Sprint MAX
  • Sprint Essentials

Talk to one of our experts to make sure you are on the best plan for your needs!

You can keep the promotional pricing as long as you maintain a qualifying plan and eligible line count.

If you cancel service on any of your lines within 12 months or migrate to an ineligible plan, you’ll lose the monthly bill credit for the free line. Additionally, if you cancel service on the line receiving the bill credits, you will lose the monthly bill credit for the line.

  • No, you may not combine this offer with device promotions.
    • If you receive a device offer you will not be enrolled in the free line offer
  • Carrier Freedom is not combinable.
  • Talk to one of our experts to make sure you are on a qualified rate plan.

No, this promotion is not available on these plans.

Yes, all free lines must be voice lines. Other line types are not eligible for this promotion.

No, to get 1 free voice line as an existing customer, you must have two paid voice lines on an eligible postpaid rate plan and then you will need to activate an additional voice line on your account on that same plan. Your new line will be eligible to be free via monthly bill credits. You must maintain all lines in order to keep the discount.

To be eligible for this offer as an existing customer with 1 paid line, you will need to activate a minimum of 2 additional voice lines on a qualifying plan and will receive the 3rd line free after monthly bill credits.

No, this offer only allows one additional free voice line per account.

This virtual line is meant to be temporary until you find the right phone to activate. However, we'll keep the line active until you are ready to activate a phone. If you choose this option and wish up get a new phone later, you will now be an upgrade customer and only eligible for upgrade offers that you qualify for.

Yes. Qualifying existing T-Mobile for Business customers with at least two paid voice lines on a qualifying plan may add an additional voice line to get the line for free after monthly bill credits, up to a maximum of 12 voice lines. New T-Mobile for Business customers who activate at least 3 new voice lines on a qualifying plan will receive one for free via monthly bill credits. You can always add additional lines to your account after our promotion ends.

If your account is past due but active, your free line credit will remain. If you are past due and suspended, your offer credit is also suspended and will resume once the account is back in active status.

You’re never required to use Autopay, but you’ll get a monthly discount on qualifying voice plans if you do.

In most cases, you’ll see your free line credit on your first bill. If the credit is not applied on the first bill, two credits will appear on the second bill.