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Federal Agencies Only: To access your online account, please contact us. More Info

Sprint BYOD: Bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device And Save

Save $10/mo. on our Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans when you bring your own phone. It’s full of features you love, for a price you’ll love.


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If you bought a SIM kit via Sprint Telesales, expect a call back from an agent within 2-3 days of your purchase. Need help with activation?

How To Bring Your Own Device

Check Eligibility

See if your phone will work on the Sprint Network.

Get A SIM Card

Buy a SIM kit, or use your own Sprint SIM card.

Choose A Plan

Take advantage of our best Unlimited plans.

Activate Your Device

Once you’ve received your SIM card, come back to this page so you can finish the BYOD process.

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$ --.--
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    The Sprint network will work for you


    Your network speed

    Good news. Your device is compatible with our network and can take advantage of 4G speeds.


    Your network speed

    Your device is compatible with our network. It might be a good idea to upgrade your device to take advantage of all Sprint's 4G-LTE has to offer.


    Your network speed

    Good news, your phone is compatible with our network.

    System error. Please enter your SIM card number and IMEI/MEID and try again.

    Get a Sprint SIM card.

    What is a SIM card?
    What is a SIM card?


    Simply, it's what makes your phone work with Sprint service. A SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card is used to help Sprint's network identify you as a customer. 

    SIM cards are small, removable smart cards used to store data like your mobile phone number and the phone carrier you use. When you bring your phone to Sprint, you’ll need to replace your existing SIM card with a Sprint SIM card so that our network can identify you as a customer. We’ll walk you through the steps of popping out your old SIM and inserting ours. 

    Validate your SIM

    Please enter a valid SIM card number

    Find your SIM card number

    Your 20-digit SIM card number is what’s highlighted in the yellow box below. Most phones use CSIM cards. Only unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ phones will require ISIM cards.

    how to find your SIM card number - CSIM


    how to find your SIM card number - ISIM


    Bring A Tablet, Get Unlimited Data for $15/mo.

    Bring an iPad or tablet to Sprint – or reactivate your existing Sprint tablet – and get Unlimited data for only $15/mo. That's a savings of $10/mo. on Unlimited.

    Bring A Watch And Get Our Unlimited Watch Plan For $10/mo.

    Must enroll in AutoPay.

    FAQs about BYOD

    Learn about your California consumer privacy rights. Submit a request for Sprint not to sell your personal information.

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