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Myth: There can only be one winner

Fact: Apple’s latest lineup delivers an impressive range of innovative iPhones that all come in first place

iPhones Comparison

This season, Apple’s iPhone X series includes three amazing (and durable!) iPhones—Xr, Xs, and Xs Max—that all showcase the brand’s cutting-edge innovation.

The newly upgraded Bionic A12 processor ensures the entire lineup boasts impressive performance. The improved Retina displays builds on Apple’s already-impressive reputation for screen quality, and the TrueDepth camera system allows for seamless Face Unlock, as well as stunning photography features and 4K video recording that are perfect for professionals and novices alike.

Add Apple’s machine-learning and augmented reality enhancements, and you’ve got a baseline for creating everything from fun special effects to intuitive apps that get smarter and easier to use daily. In addition to these shared innovations, each phone has its own unique enhancements that target specific users, from the iPhone enthusiast with budget in mind to the “go big” consumer that spares no expense.

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Which one are you?

XR - For The Economical Enthusiast That Wants To Level Up

The newest iPhone, the iPhone XR showcases the same focus on innovation as its siblings and is the most affordable of the three, thanks to a few alternative design decisions. Long known for their smart, thoughtful upgrades, Apple continues that tradition with the XR, which features the longest battery life out of the three, a durable aerospace-grade aluminum frame, and a liquid retina glass 6.1” display that serves as a happy medium between the smaller Xs and larger Xs Max. And while the Xs and Xs Max boast a dual-camera system, Apple relies on machine learning to ensure that the XR’s camera is top tier with just a single rear camera. Need more? Just add color. Apart from the standard black option, the XR comes in an array of vibrant hues (red, yellow, coral, blue, and white) to assert your style.

Main takeaway: If you’re in the market for a new iPhone that offers speed, performance and great value, this is it.

Xs – For The Diehard Apple Fan Who Wants Performance (and Polish)

The surgical-grade stainless steel Xs is the perfect choice for many iPhone fans. With its durable 5.8” OLED nearly indestructible glass screen, the Xs is the smallest of the three and easier to handle, yet it enjoys all the same tech upgrades as the mega-sized Xs Max. From the A12 bionic chip delivering Apple’s fastest speeds ever to the impressive TrueDepth dual-camera system, it’s the sleekest, most assured route to superior innovation. It also has more RAM for enhanced multitasking and its improved LTE data speeds (shared by the Xs Max) are significantly faster than its predecessors.

Main takeaway: If you have room in your budget and want the most polished upgrades, go with the Xs.

Xs Max – For The Apple Enthusiast Who Thinks “Bigger Is Better”

The iPhone Xs Max is for those who want a big, brilliant display. The Xs Max has a stunning 6.5” screen which improves on the Xs’ already premium OLED Super Retina display and you can use two apps side by side for enhanced productivity. If you’re going to be using your smartphone to capture video, you’ll love the 4K recording stereo and replay sound. Plus, the extra screen real estate will show you why size matters. Note: 4K video uses a ton of storage space, but don’t worry, the Xs Max (like the Xs) also comes in 256GB and even 512GB, so there is ample space for your favorite moments.

Main takeaway: If you want all of the features of the XS and maximum screen size, go with the XS Max.

Chart Comparison

Make sure to check out our comparison chart for complete specs of each phone.

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