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New year. New iPhone XR for you.

10 ways the iPhone XR can help you live your best life.

iPhone XRs in assorted colors

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real thing and nobody deserves to feel left out. If you have an older phone like the iPhone 6 or 6s, maybe you’ve already experienced it—when everyone else’s photos look better than yours, the screen on your iPhone starts to feel too small or when nobody has a charger you can use. You deserve to be in with the crowd! Here are the top 10 life-changing features on the iPhone XR that will help you thrive.

  1. All-screen design. It’s all about efficiency. The iPhone XR is 20% larger than the iPhone 6 and features a 45% larger screen but still fits comfortably in your hand or pocket.

  2. Longest battery life. Are you tired of running low on battery all the time? The iPhone XR has the longest battery life of any iPhone so you can do more all throughout the day.

  3. Studio-quality photos and 4K video. You’ll be amazed by the camera quality on the iPhone XR. Turn your photos into showstoppers with more vivid photos, sharper action shots and more details in low-light settings. Finally, experience Portrait mode to get more professional looking photos and awesome selfies. The iPhone XR also shoots the highest-quality video with better low-light performance and wider stereo playback allowing you to film like a pro.
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  1. Faster performance. The iPhone XR is up to 3 times faster than the iPhone 6 and 6s. Apps launch quicker and run smoother, saving you time and feelings of frustration.

  2. More storage space. Have you ever tried capturing an epic moment but lost the opportunity due to storage limits? The iPhone XR starts at 64 GB (4 times more than a 16 GB iPhone) so you’ll have more room for all of your best memories.

  3. Easier to use. Once you experience the swipe feature to go to the home screen or switch between apps, you’ll never want to go back. The home button was a way of the past, we’re currently living in a faster, single swipe world – and it’s pretty amazing.

  4. Go wireless.Wireless charging is a life changer. Sayonara, tangled cords! And we totally understand it’s hard to say good bye to the headphone jack – trust us, there may have been some tears involved on our end, too. But as the saying goes, sometimes you have to lose something good to get something better. Can you still use your old headphones? Yes! The iPhone XR comes with an adapter so that you can continue using your beloved earphones of choice. But if you decide you want you want your listening to be hands-free as well, let’s just say AirPods have also changed our lives.

  5. Water and splash resistant. Take your iPhone XR to the beach or pool worry-free. No more need to panic if you get your iPhone wet.

  6. Face ID. Security at its finest. Face ID –your new password—makes it easier to unlock your phone, view messages and pay. Plus, it’s way more secure than Touch ID.
  7. Most durable glass ever. Have a tendency of dropping your iPhone? The iPhone XR features the most durable glass of all iPhones – how’s that for peace of mind?

If you want to compare iPhones, check out our comparison chart.

The bottom line: the iPhone XR is everything you’ve ever wanted and it’s what you deserve. In a time when we do everything through our phones, (which is much easier thanks to Sprint’s Unlimited Data plans), doing it all on a better phone just makes sense. Have the capacity to store more, take professional looking photos and videos, get better security and even choose from one of the six fun colors! It’s a new year, and you deserve to thrive.

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