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Consider these cost-saving tips

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Tax Time Can Be A Good Thing!

Tax season is here and often leads us to examine how we spend money. As you review 2018 and look ahead to 2019, it may also be a great time to review your plan and how you use your phone. Are you getting the most from your phone and plan, or are some enhancements needed? Get a great price for Unlimited talk, text and data with Sprint and save money in 2019.

Take a look at your bill. If you’re a Sprint customer, log in to your account either online or with the My Sprint mobile app to get information about your account like your usage, upgrade eligibility, lease agreement and more.

As you review, consider these tips to help you save:

1. Upgrade your phone

Does using your old phone take a lot of effort because of outdated features and slow processing speeds? Could you say it’s (wait for it….) taxing? Or perhaps you’re near the end of your lease or eligible for an upgrade and a new phone is just what you need. Have you thought about which new iPhone is right for you? If an Android phone is more your style, we’ve got plenty of those, too. Whatever your preference, take a look -- you might find something you hadn’t considered before.

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2. Get the best plan for you

Feeling confined by your plan? Go Unlimited! Sprint’s Unlimited plans provide unlimited talk, text and data.1 These plans also include video streaming, Hulu and Global Roaming with text and data in more than 200 worldwide destinations. With Unlimited Basic you get 500 MB of Mobile Hotspot.2 Enjoy 50 GB Mobile Hotspot and TIDAL on Unlimited Plus3, and 100 GB Mobile Hotspot, Lookout and Prime with Unlimited Premium.4 There’s even an Unlimited Military plan!

3. Add a line

The more lines you have, the greater the savings! If you’re a Sprint customer, it’s a perfect time to think about others in your life who could be on your plan. Or, if you’re not a Sprint customer, it’s a great time to consider making the switch. Right now if you switch to Sprint, you can get your third, fourth and fifth lines FREE and save $1,000 over Verizon and AT&T your first year.5

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4. Bring your own phone to Sprint

Absolutely love your phone but still want to take advantage of Sprint’s Unlimited plans? It’s easy to switch from another wireless provider to Sprint! We’ve outlined the steps for a simple and smooth transition, and provided answers to frequently asked questions about this process.

5. Additional services

While you’re enjoying our Unlimited plans, there are even more great services waiting for you from entertainment and phone protection, to security and storage, productivity and more! Get peace of mind with Secure Wi-Fi when connecting to public networks. Let visual voicemail transcribe your messages for you on eligible devices. Know where your family is by locating their devices with Safe & Found. Stream, listen and shop with a variety services at your fingertips.

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Don’t let tax season stress you out. Look at it as an opportunity to optimize your phone plan and make changes that work best for you and help you save money. From new phones to great prices for Unlimited, Sprint is here for you!

1. Speed maximums, use rules and restrictions apply. Data deprioritization during congestion.
2. Unlimited Basic: Video streams up to 480p, music up to 500 Kbps, gaming up to 2 Mbps. MHS reduced to 3G speeds after 500MB/mo.
3. Unlimited Plus: Music up to 1.5 Mbps, gaming streams up to 8 Mbps. Includes TIDAL Premium. MHS reduced to 3G speeds after 50GB/mo. Select content in HD. HD content varies by device & connection.
4. Unlimited Premium: Includes TIDAL Premium. MHS reduced to 3G speeds after 100GB/mo.
5. Limited time offer. After 4/30/2020 pay $60/mo for line 1, $40/mo for line 2 and $20/mo/line for lines 3-5. With AutoPay. SD video streams up to 480p, music up to 500 kbps, gaming up to 2 Mbps. Data deprioritization during congestion. Excludes taxes, fees and roaming. First year savings compared to Verizon Go Unlimited and AT&T Unlimited &More for 5 lines; features differ.
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