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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are finally here! It’s time to swap those hoodies for cozy sweaters, your rake for a snow shovel and pumpkin lattes for peppermint mochas. And with the holiday season comes quality time with family and friends!

Speaking of the holidays — can we all agree that gift-giving can be extremely frustrating? Especially when gift recipients don't drop hints about what they'd want. We’re pulling our hair out just thinking about it.

Instead of settling for a gift card or something they’re likely to re-gift, here are a few gifts everyone on your list is sure to enjoy.

The Fitness Pro

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4*

This popular smartwatch makes tracking workouts a breeze. With automatic workout detection, your Fitness Pro can track their swimming, yoga, hikes and more at any given moment. With its cellular and Bluetooth capabilities, they can make phone calls and even call for help, all without their phone.

The Socialite

Wallet Phone Case

Wallet Phone Case

For your loved one that’s always on the go, they’ll enjoy this phone case that eliminates the need to carry around a bulky wallet or purse. With only a few card slots, they’ll only carry what’s absolutely necessary. It’ll also free up their hands when they come in for the appreciative hug.

The Forgetful One

Tile Combo Pack

Tile Combo Pack

You know the one — they can’t find their car keys, phone or wallet at any given moment. This Bluetooth tracker gives their lost item a loud ring so your loved one can easily track down its location. Still lost? They can use the Tile app to check the item’s last location. They’ll thank you later — though they may forget to at first.

The Gamer

Gear VR with Controller

Gear VR with Controller

The future is now! This loved one just has to pop their smartphone into the Gear VR and they’ll experience the virtual gaming in 360 degrees. Just make sure you snap them back to reality every now and then.


The Party Starter

JBL Link 300

JBL Link 300

This loved one is coming up and is ready to get this party started! This voice-activated speaker boasts Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities in a compact design. It even has Google Assistant built in! This speaker is like a futuristic boombox.

The Music Lover

Apple Air Pods

Apple AirPods

These smart headphones are on the top of plenty of wishlists, and rightfully so! They offer five hours of high-quality sound on just one charge. As soon as you pull them out of their charging case, they connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, etc. They’re so easy to use, even your technology-challenged friends can use them.

The Traveler

Franklin R910 Mobile Hotspot

Franklin R910 Mobile Hotspot

Much like The Socialite, this loved one is always on the go. With this mobile hotspot, they’re able to connect their devices to browse the web with up to 4G LTE speeds for up to 12 hours. They love being able to stay connected wherever they go.

The Road Tripper

Sprint Drive

Sprint Drive**

Not be confused with The Traveler, The Road Trippers are the ones who’d take a car ride over a flight any day. With Sprint Drive, they’ve got built-in WiFi, 24/7 roadside assistance, real-time vehicle tracking and more! Life is a highway and they’ll want to ride it all night long.

The Artist

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This tablet is perfect for digital artists who love high-quality graphics. It includes an S Pen so they can capture inspiration at any moment, wherever they are. Help your loved one become the next Picasso.

The Go-Getter

Gear VR with Controller

mophie powerstation

What do you get the person who’s ALWAYS busy? A portable device charger, of course! The mophie powerstation has two USB ports and an easy-to-carry design so your Go-Getter can talk, play and browse on the go. Just make sure they slow down enough for you to give them their gift!

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