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Here are 6 tips to help you survive holiday travel with the family

Heading across state or cross-country for the holidays?

We understand why a road trip may be the best way to get to your destination, especially when the alternative can be expensive airline tickets and jammed-packed planes. But even when you load the SUV with kids, grandparents, and a furry friend or two, it can be a long way down that holiday road. Here are 6 ways to help you make it a (ahem) Sprint!

1. Bring the Juice …

to charge everyone’s phone, that is! Bluetooth functionality, GPS, and streaming from state to state take a major toll on your battery. Be sure to pack plenty of battery backups and extra adapters to keep everyone’s phones, pads and tablets powered up and ready to go! Shop Accessories

iPad and Hulu

2. Celebrate the Season

Get in the spirit with old (and new!) holiday movies. HULU’s TV line-up entertains with all the warm-and-fuzzies and comes with any Sprint Unlimited plan. Holiday playlist anyone? The entire family can prove their chops and belt out fun seasonal tunes with any music app – TIDAL is one of the many entertainment services that we offer with our Unlimited Plus and Premium plans. Shop Add-On Services

iPad and Hulu

3. Stay Connected

To access this must-have media you can turn your car into a hotspot with Sprint Drive™, which features a built-in LTE Wi-Fi to connect all of your tablets, phones, etc. (up to eight devices). The service also offers roadside assistance, vehicle health alerts and more. Game changer: If you’re taking more than one car, the app will keep everyone in sync and on the same road. Shop Sprint Drive

Sprint Drive

4. Accessorize

This season’s inspiration? Anything that makes travel safe and bearable. Arm your cell phones and tablets with must-have accessories—from durable screen protectors and sturdy cases to the best earbuds and headphones. If your children are too small for cell phones, an Apple smart watch will keep them connected and help you monitor their activity, particularly useful when making multiple stops. Shop Accessories


5. App It Out

Download popular travel apps like Bathroom Scout or SitOrSquat to help pinpoint clean restrooms for the kids. GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps are great for navigation but also help you find gas stations and restaurants along the way. This season, we’re fa-la-la-ing for the easy-to-use Roadtrippers app: it’s perfect when you want to discover hidden gems en route, from the best scenic points to spectacular Christmas light shows that make for a festive photo op.

App Icons
Group of Phones

6. Duck Face For The Camera

The newest Apple and Android devices all have fun features to make family photos exciting again. Switch on Portrait mode and capture the whole family in a sharp photo with an artfully blurred background that works great for holiday cards. Enable Panorama mode when taking photos of beautiful landscapes. Or, tap the Live Photo button on your iPhone (or Motion Photo on Android) to capture an animated shot you can upload to your favorite social media sites. Shop Phones

Group of Phones

Wherever you’re off to this season, rest assured, these tips will get you to your destination safe, sound, and in great spirits! Just sit back and let our Sprint-enabled devices help you enjoy the ride. 

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