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LTE Advanced, Sprint’s best Network to date.

We live in a time where the world is at our fingertips. From downloading your favorite movies to using your most loved apps, Sprint’s nationwide LTE Advanced Network lets you experience up to 2x faster speeds than before. And now, our total LTE coverage is 30% larger. How’s that for Network you can count on?

LTE Advanced
LTE Advanced Map


* With Sprint LTE Advanced, experience up to 2x faster speeds than Sprint 4G LTE within a covered area and on a capable device.

The Evolution of Our Wireless Network

Over the past 30 years,

our wireless Network has come a long way but the future is even brighter--and faster--starting with our LTE Advanced Network, which will lead to the evolution of 5G. Need a visual? Just imagine we are turning a two-lane road into a major freeway to speed up traffic.

So what does LTE Advanced mean for you?


Experience up to 2x faster speeds than before with the reliability you can count on!


Nationwide coverage, available in over 500 cities.


Scroll through websites and social media platforms with faster download times.


Download music and videos up to 2x faster than before.

LTE Advanced highway

* To experience LTE Advanced, you must have an LTE Advanced capable device, have your software up-to-date and be within a covered area.

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The future is 5G.


With speeds that are 10x faster, we will be looking back on 4G LTE in the same way we look back on 3G today. When the next generation network arrives, the Internet of Things will be on the next level -- everything will be better, faster, stronger, and more reliable.

There will be drastic improvements in coverage, speed, latency, density and capacity, and it will change the way we use our phones, do business, and overall, live our lives.

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A 5G Day – Episode 3: Commute

A 5G Day – Episode 4: Smart Security

A 5G Day – Episode 5: Smart Office

A 5G Day – Episode 6: Smart Shopping

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