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Register with Sprint

Sprint's Supplier Diversity team is committed to being an effective conduit for diverse suppliers. All suppliers, large or small, diverse or non-diverse, are asked to register with Sprint to be considered for future sourcing opportunities. There is no guarantee that your business will have an opportunity to bid on providing products and/or services to Sprint; however, you must first register your company with Sprint to be afforded an opportunity.

To register with Sprint for potential bid opportunities, please create a profile in the Sprint Supplier Registration Tool. Once in the tool, please refer to the Supplier Registration Instructions.

Steps in the Sprint Supplier Registration process:

  • Go to the Sprint Supplier Registration Tool to create a company profile, as the admin who can add additional contacts.

  • When a bid opportunity arises, a Sprint Supplier Diversity Administrator will query the database to identify companies that match the requester's criteria. If your company profile matches the bid request, Sprint will contact you.

  • While only basic contact and company information is required, you may opt to include the goods and services your company provides in your profile. This will aid Sprint in the identification of suppliers who provide the category being sourced.

  • Your company's registration data is valid with Sprint for one year. To remain actively available for Sprint opportunities, it is your responsibility to provide accurate and up-to-date profile information. Sprint reserves the right to remove your registration from the Sprint Sourcing Database at any time.

  • The Supplier Registration Tool will send emails from Please ensure junk and spam filters are set to allow messages from this address.

If you have any questions please contact Sprint at: or

Thank you for your interest in Sprint!