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Supplier Responsibility Criteria

Supply chain management is especially important for a company like Sprint. We rely heavily on our vendors who help keep our business running and our customers happy. It's our aim to make sure that, by 2017, 90 percent of our sourceable spend is with suppliers that meet Sprint's environmental and social criteria. To do this, we have a broad assessment process. Suppliers must provide a publicly available policy or plan and supporting evidence in each of the following core areas that we've identified as the most important towards meeting our corporate responsibility standards:

  • GHG emissions measurement and reduction
  • Materiality assessment and resource reduction planning
  • Human rights statement or policy compliant with local laws
  • Health & safety policy compliant with local laws
  • Environmental policy compliant with local laws

To help suppliers better understand our criteria, Sprint provides actionable assessment feedback and we've developed a supplier responsibility booklet, which features examples from Sprint's own sustainability experiences. Sprint's efforts to ensure a more responsible supply chain continue to expand as we establish category-specific sourcing policies and standards.

In addition to the supplier booklet, Sprint has provided a copy of its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worksheet for its 2012 emissions. This Excel file allows you to see all of the factors, formulas and conversions we used and is locked to prevent you from losing access to the formulas. A second Excel file is also provided that is structured the same as Sprint's Master GHG file, but unlocked, so that you can add your own activity data to calculate your emissions.

Sprint Supplier GHG Inventory Template

2013 Master Worksheet - Sprint GHG Inventory