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Product-Specific Terms

In accordance with Section 42.10 of the Federal Communications Commission's Rules and Regulations, 47 C.F.R. Section 42.10, and its orders concerning detariffing, Sprint is making information about the rates, terms, and conditions of service applicable to certain business services available on this Web site. The documents are referred to as Sprint Schedules.

Please note that product descriptions, terms, conditions and rates for interstate long distance services regulated by the FCC, such as voice, data, private line, conferencing, toll-free services, switched data service and access, are contained in the Sprint Schedules, which you may access via the "Schedules" button on the left. Product terms, conditions and rates for intrastate local exchange services and other services regulated by the FCC or state public utility commissions may be found in the applicable FCC or state tariffs at General terms and conditions for competitive local exchange and detariffed intrastate local exchange services may be accessed through

Equipment and Software

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International Services

IP Services

Internet Access Product-specific Terms

ISP Services Product-specific Terms

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Sprint Productivity Marketplace Terms of Service

Managed, Professional and Other Value-added Services